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Date 2015/4/3 15:43:45 | Topic: The Starport News

Hey guys,

since donations have dried up a little bit (thanks anyway!), I decided that I will switch to a lower-cost server sometime next week. The new server will save us 20€ per month while the hardware is almost the same - the CPU being a little less powerful while we actually get an upgrade to enterprise-level HDDs! Everything will essentially stay the same. I expect the downtime to be at most a couple of hours but it could extend to a whole day, depending on arising problems.

Anyways, I'd like to take the opportunity to get a discussion started on the future of TSP. While we still get a good amount of traffic and player numbers are somewhat stable around the 150 players mark, it is clear that the party cannot go on forever. I'm happy to leave the site as-is and leave it centered on FL. On the other hand, the latest poll has shown that there would be interest in Star Citizen modding or other games. We don't really have the resources to do anything drastic with the site currently, but I'd still like to hear some opinions on this.

w0dk4 (aka chaosgrid in SC)

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