Lancers Reactor Archive moved

Date 2011/6/24 15:00:26 | Topic: The Starport News

Since we have acquired the old Lancers Reactor domain, we thought it would be appropriate to move the archives over to
While doing so, I've made multiple improvements to the archives:

  • You now get greeted with a very outstanding notice that you are actually browsing archived content.

  • Also, HTML tags within the old posts are now fully recognized, making formatted posts a lot easier to read. In some places, this generates new formatting errors, but all in all I think it gets a lot more usable.

  • Further, there was a bug in the phpBB version we used where you couldnt search for the author of a post. This is now fixed and searching for a specific username will now actually result in all posts made by that user.

Any links to the old archive URL should automatically direct to the new URL. Please let me now if that's not the case for you.

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