Black Prophecy released for EU players, official North American beta starting

Date 2011/3/21 20:01:46 | Topic: Space Sim News

As of today the Black Prophecy European live service has started. On two servers, European players are invited to begin their journey into Black Prophecy’s exciting universe.

Players who have already participated in the open beta phase will keep their existing accounts but have their characters and clans wiped. In appreciation for the past months of testing we have prepared a small surprise package with some premium items that players who have played since beginning of the open beta will find in their premium storages.

Visit the official website to register an account.

Download the client here!

Players from North America who participated in the closed beta will be able to play on the EU servers. Playing on both regions will be possible for all users once the EU and the North American versions are live. However, we are not going to offer any transfer service for the upcoming North American servers. If you decide to start playing on the EU servers you will have to reroll your characters on the North American servers again.

Furthermore the North American beta servers are deployed as we speak. We are expecting to send out the first invitations within the next 48 hours.

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