Freelancer Community Network Bar (FLCNB) Update

Date 2010/6/3 2:00:00 | Topic: Freelancer Community News

Since we had major problems with the Freelancer Community Network Bar being hosted on GoogleCode (mainly high latency resulting in websites loading very slowly), the following measures have been taken:

- The FLCNB is now hosted on a seperate server, meaning we are no longer dependent on downtimes of The-Starport or GoogleCode.
- The FLCNB now also has its own Domain name, which means this will be the last update you as a webmaster will have to do. The domain name is which will always point to the server that hosts the FL Community Network Bar. This also means that we are a lot more flexible when reacting to server outages - we will simply update the DNS with a backup server.

Please help us to inform any webmaster that is running the FL Community Network Bar at the moment (or is no longer running it because of performance issues with GoogleCode) and spread the word!

We will do a major clean-up of the links within the coming month. Please update your FLCNB code on your website and let the FL Community Network flourish and prosper.
Check the following thread for updated code instructions: ... hp?topic_id=1186&forum=50

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