www.freelancerpatch.com is back!

Date 2010/5/16 13:18:22 | Topic: Freelancer Community News

Hello dudes,
I finally (finally!) brought www.freelancerpatch.com back to life!
The site contains as before the information about the GLS Workaround and of course the pretty useful problem solutions FAQ! It containts the answers for many problems which players encounter with the FL game.
I changed the style which is now very similiar to The Starport one (I asked W0dk4 about it and I am a very bad designer yet). I also fixed a few grammer and code errors.

If you want to support the site please link to the FAQ as often as possible (please try to avoid to quote it) - I need the backlinking to get a higher rank at search engines (especially for the search term "freelancer patch" - links to outdated quickfixes or the 1.1 patch won't help the majority of the players who have troulbe with the missing GLS)

Feel free to make suggestion. Those who want to do me a favor can browse the whole site once to see if there are still any errors left.

Please take into consideration that it might take about 24 hours till the URl without the www prefix will work (freelancerpatch.com).

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