Infinity Universe - New Tech Demo Video Released

Date 2010/5/4 17:30:00 | Topic: Space Sim News

InfinityAdmin, the main developer behind Infinity: The Quest for Earth, released a new tech video last weekend showing the terrain, asteroid belt and galaxy generator prototypes all merged together in the game client.

It's been many years since the release of the last video showcasing the seamless planetary engine, so I'm happy to release this new video. This is actually a video of the game client, but since there's little gameplay in it, I decided to label it as a "tech demo". It demonstrates an Earth-like planet with a ring, seamless transitions, a little spaceship ( the "Hornet" for those who remember ), a space station and a couple of new effects.

For more information on Infinity, check the following link:

Slightly Off-Topic:
You may wonder why we now report about other space sims than Freelancer.
It's simple: We want to stay in touch with recent developments in the space sim genre, while we dont really want to cover any specific game. We are still mainly a Freelancer site, meaning we will only cover other games in the news section. There also wont be new game-specific forums, instead there now is a new Other Games subforum in the Off Topic category.

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