Freelancer joins Facebook... again!

Date 2009/12/22 0:01:11 | Topic: Freelancer Community News

So here I am again, with another one of those 'gimmicks'. This time it is Facebook. After doing a lot of digging around I learnt that the current Facebook Fan Page was very inactive and so were the ‘Admins’ of the page. Therefore I decided we needed a new one.

So here it is: Facebook Fan Page

But there are differences compared to the already existing Facebook page. For instance we have the @Freelancer_MP Twitter updates feeding into the page (not yet update but configured) and also an ‘Events’ section where you can set up events for your server and add in details… resulting in the advertising of your server event to all the fan page members we hope to get.

I have disabled the message board option for the time being, until the page grows. There is no need to have a second message board when we have a community of sites and servers with forums already.

I am inviting everyone that uses Facebook, which I know is a lot of you, to get involved and become a fan, but to also start sharing your Server Videos, pictures and events on the page.

People say Freelancer doesn’t get enough advertising. Well I am trying to change that, one small step at a time. I haven’t rushed Twitter and Facebook, in fact the opposite. I have taken time between each one to monitor results. And will continue to do so for as long as I feel there is still a need for us to shout about Freelancer.

You can either love me or hate me for my enthusiasm. I don’t mind which.


Aka Roo-Avery

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