Freelancer Feature Article needs your Screenshots!

Date 2009/9/25 22:31:41 | Topic: Freelancer Community News

Server Admins/Owners and Modders - this one is for you!

I am in the process of writing a Freelancer feature for one of the UK's premier Xbox Live Fansites. This feature will be displayed in their PC Gaming News forum, their Review forum and on their RSS Feed and Twitter.

The fansite is run by a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) and the site is an EMEA Xbox Community Network member, an IGDA Member and a Microsoft Partner.

What does that mean? It means good things for you guys.

I have the opportunity to write this as I am the resident PC News Writer and a member of the Game Review team on the site.

I am happy to inform you I will be featuring 10 screenshots in this feature. That gives 10 servers the opportunity to submit a screenshot to me to be featured. It will be a first come first served basis. The first 10 to hit my inbox only.

Each screenshot will be accompanied by a caption that gives the server name. That caption will link to the servers website.

What do you need to do, then?

Email [email protected] with your screenshot and the website address. One screenshot only please. And remember, first come first served.

Any questions, please email them across.

Good luck!

Roo Avery

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