Carrier ships

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.:LEGAL BS:. (Skip if you have the urge to)

This mod, is for demonstration only, which should help other modders to implement Carrier ships into their mods.

Written by Stormblast


Well, to start simply, as I asure you the whole tutorial is, the basic idea of a

carrier ship is to have a capital ship (I used the luxury liner) in role of a jump gate. Basically

you dock to the ship and it carries you to another place.

Tools needed:

-HardCMP, for adding extra hardpoints to your carrier

-Notepad, or something else you use for editing .ini files

-a little free time and a fingertip of good will

1. Adding custom hardpoints to the ship you choosed

After you have chosen a ship which you think is good for the purpose find it's model file (.cmp) and backup it.

Open the ship in Hardcmp and make sure that it has these hardpoints, if not create them.




You also need one more hardpoint but you can choose it's name (I used Hpxx01).

When placing the hardpoints or editing them, make sure that you place them in front of the hangar of

the ship in this order:


////////////////H A N ////////////

////////////////G A R ////////////

Hpxx01 (or the one you use)-it should be placed just in front of the hangar or in it

HpDockMountA (around 100 units under the ship)

HpDockPointA01 (around 150 units under the ship)

HpDockPointA02 (around 180 or more units under the ship)

When you're happy with your hardpoints save the model.

2. Editing DATA\SOLAR\Solararch.ini

Make an entry like this somewhere in the end of the file


nickname = carrier \\here put the name of your ship

type = JUMP_GATE

DA_archetype = ships\utility\luxury_liner\luxury_liner.cmp \\path to your ship's model

material_library = ships\utility\utility_liner.mat \\path to your ship's material library

material_library = fx\envmapbasic.mat

envmap_material = envmapbasic

LODranges = 0, 500, 1000, 1500, 1800, 2500, 3000, 15000

mass = 100000.000000 \\leave this alone

open_anim = Sc_open bay \\this is the dock opening animation script, if your ship has it it should be defined in it's .cmp, open it with UTF editor to see, if not leave blank

open_sound = gate_open_sound

close_sound = gate_close_sound

jump_out_hp = Hpxx01 \\here put the hardpoint you defined in step 1.

docking_sphere = berth, HpDockMountA, 15, Sc_open bay

docking_sphere = moor_medium, HpDockMountB, 5.000000 \\not sure about this if having problems with big ships, use the jump command or delete the line

docking_sphere = moor_large, HpDockMountC, 5.000000 \\ -||-

solar_radius = 600

shape_name = NAV_jumpgate

hit_pts = 999999961690316250000000000000000000.000000

O.K. done here, save the file and proceed.

3. Editing DATA\FX\jumpeffect.ini

Add this to the end of the file:


nickname = jump_effect_custom

glow_ring_effect =

glow_ring_hp =

glow_create_time =

jump_out_time = 1

jump_out_tunnel_time = 0

jump_in_tunnel_time = 0

jump_in_time = 1

kill_time_before_done = 0.650000

jump_tunnel_effect = jump_tunnel_interior_player

jump_tunnel = gate_tunnel_bretonia

jump_ambient = 25, 100, 25

jump_background_color = 255, 255, 255

Good. It amazes me how quick you use that Copy-Paste technique.

4. Adding a carrier ship to a system (DATA\UNIVERSE\SYSTEMS\xxxxxx)


nickname = [something]_to_[something_else]

ids_name = 458756

pos = X, Y, Z

rotate = around x, around y, around z

archetype = carrier \\here put the name you have defined in Solararch.ini

msg_id_prefix = gcs_refer_system_[system you place this]

jump_effect = jump_effect_custom \\you will have to use the custom effect

ids_info = 66145

reputation = co_rs_grp \\you can change this if you wish

behavior = NOTHING

difficulty_level = 7

pilot = pilot_solar_easiest

goto = [something_else], [something]_to_[something_else], gate_tunnel_custom \\again custom!!


nickname = Zone_[something]_to_[something_else]

pos = X, Y, Z

shape = SPHERE

size = 1000

property_flags = 131072

visit = 128

sort = 0

You will have to make this sort of entry in both systems you wish to connect with a carrier ship.

You could also have done this with Freelancer Explorer as it parses the solararch.ini and sees your

custom jump gate, but if you use FLE you still have to mannualy change the gate_tunnel_bretonia in system

.inis into gate_tunnel_custom.


Hope you'll enjoy it!

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