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May. 31, 2023

Imperial Star Destroyer Normal Map

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New demo of Freelancer: The Nomad Legacy released! Freelancer Mod News
Posted by Jeider on 2020/2/11 11:35:23 (7385 reads)

Freelancer: The Nomad Legacy is the fan project about old good game Freelancer. We currently published new demo version. You can find download link at end of this post

New storyline campaign

The Nomad Legacy's story tells about the adventures of a new hero, who by complete chance happens to be called Trent.

Jump right into a variety of new story missions, inspired both by the original Freelancer game and its mysterious unreleased alpha version.

The new missions are designed in fashion with the original game's traditions Intense battles, new cutscenes, and a gameplay that feels spot-on.

If you (...)

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Freelancer Mod "Nomad Legacy" released! Freelancer Mod News
Posted by Jeider on 2017/10/17 21:34:57 (10524 reads)

FreeLancer: Nomad Legacy is russian freelancer mod. Avaliable russian version and partially english version. English version not full translated, but important text is understandable.

What base features?

- new world with same faction, but another placement
- you can change everything in your ship
- large bases and new space objects!
- more dynamics in world (some NPC raises with your level)
- new storyline with 6 missions (is not completed yet)

Want to try? Download here!
Rating: 6.00 (6 votes) - Rate this News - Comments (2)
Freelancer: Mostly Harmless v0.3 Release Freelancer Mod News
Posted by Stormprooter on 2015/8/8 23:50:00 (14320 reads)

Open in new window ... lancer-mostly-harmless-03

And I couldn't resist doing another video - soundtrack by the Bee-Gees

Rating: 4.00 (3 votes) - Rate this News - Comments (1)
Enigma V.4 ATG (Deutsche Freelancer-Mod) Freelancer Mod News
Posted by J.R. on 2014/1/7 19:36:54 (19308 reads)

Open in new window

Developed on and for the GERMAN version of Freelancer, this Project aims to serve a variety of new aspects.
Even though Enigma V.4 ATG features improved graphics, custom Sound- and Jump-FX aswell as new Systems, Stations, Ships and Items, the main concept of this MULTIPLAYER ONLY-Mod is to preserve the "vanilla Freelancer-feel" while not being unbalanced or overloaded with too many ships or way too powerful equipment. (...since there are already so many Mods out there with hundrets of Ships, Systems and Items)
Each Account can have up to 10 Characters with its appropriate Faction-Outfit and Reputation. The implementation (...)

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Freelancer: Mostly Harmless 0.2 Freelancer Mod News
Posted by Stormprooter on 2013/11/14 14:45:37 (15501 reads)

Available now from

Bug fixes and Thargoid Warships have returned after hiding away in a ini file bug.

Not compatible with older save games - usual install process - clean install of Freelancer, delete old AutoSave.fl and Restart.fl save games

Should also work for multiplayer with v1.1 of FLServer.exe

Rating: 4.00 (4 votes) - Rate this News - Comments (0)
Freeworlds: Tides of War: The Update Freelancer Mod News
Posted by Sizer on 2013/11/11 15:07:03 (15655 reads)

Open in new window

It's been a while since my last post, so I've recorded a quick update vlog for you all. Covered as topics are current graphical improvements, gameplay mechanics, and perhaps some information about a Beta.

Rating: 2.00 (4 votes) - Rate this News - Comments (6)
Freelancer: Mostly Harmless 0.1 Beta Released Freelancer Mod News
Posted by Stormprooter on 2013/6/21 13:57:24 (17919 reads)

Open in new window

Available now from

Rating: 3.00 (5 votes) - Rate this News - Comments (0)
SSM Mod Gets New Life! Freelancer Mod News
Posted by starworlds on 2013/6/11 21:33:17 (17164 reads)

Do you fancy something different other then the normal Rp mod everyone plays??? Do you miss flying around in crazy mods with great ships?? Come and join us on the SSM Server

We have recently been given permission from the one and only Lancer_Sol to take his mod to the next level!

We have everything from StarTrek, BSG, SGC, Starwars to crazy stuff like the Tardis from Doctor Who!

Unique Level up system and some amazing flhooks with more to come!

Come and play with a Truly brilliant mod and team

Hope to see you all there!


113 New factions
143 Systems
546 Bases
355 ships
All gates unlocked
Many new commodities, quadruples the amount available
GPL based economy, you can have over $20,000,000,000,000,000 worth

Rating: 4.00 (4 votes) - Rate this News - Comments (6)
The Underverse 2.28 Avail NOW Freelancer Mod News
Posted by [RIP]Soupman on 2012/12/22 17:05:26 (17963 reads)

UnderVerse 2.28, available now at

We have a new type of Planet located inside our new 109th System. Introducing Planet Illumnion...
The Exterior, Interior and Base are made up of 154 individual parts, necessary to obtain solidity for flying 'inside' a structure.

Open in new window

Rating: 4.00 (5 votes) - Rate this News - Comments (14)
Hyperspace, Motion and Testing Call! Freelancer Mod News
Posted by Sushi on 2012/12/13 22:28:54 (13550 reads)

This is our second news for the final MotY voting phase and as with the last piece we give you more gameplay footage and information. Thanks again for your votes and please keep voting by logging into your MODDB account!

Dynamic Hyperspace Travel Concept

Our hyperspace travel concept has been established since a long time, however we never got to the stage of actual implementation. That has changed. The travel concept makes use of two known Freelancer gameplay mechanics, tradelanes and jump gates. But since we don't like to cater to the limitations of the Freelancer engine we created dynamic versions of the two for a more interesting travel gameplay. Next to the static hypergates (...)

Rating: 4.00 (4 votes) - Rate this News - Comments (2)
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