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July. 1, 2022

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The TSP Wiki Modding Database
Quite a regular
2008/2/14 21:37
From İstanbul, Turkey
Registered Users
Wiki editors
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Posts: 153
The TSP Wiki Modding Database is, in my opinion, one of the crown jewels of the Starport. It's also sadly a bit neglected, and has an awful lot of gaps where files haven't been documented.

I've been trying to fill things out as I'm working things out (Mostly been in the scripts folder but where I've figured out anything new outside of that I've tried to update as well.) The MDB has been a great resource in the past to direct people to if they have no freelancer modding experience at all, but there's so many gaps it's only really good for a few fairly specific things right now.

The wiki's a pretty old version of mediawiki being used, but the formatting hasn't really changed at all so if you're familiar with modern mediawiki it shouldn't be any trouble to create or edit pages.

I'm going to start filling in what I know where it's missing, but would anyone be interested in helping out and making an initiative of this?

Posted on: 2020/9/25 16:00
Re: The TSP Wiki Modding Database
Not too shy to talk
2017/3/1 17:22
From Bavaria
Registered Users
$$$ Supporters $$$
Posts: 82
I have already contributed ~30 wiki entries and might write some new entries these days, but it is quite time consuming.(especially my piece on particle effects).
Another problem is that I can only explain things that I myself understand properly.

On the topic of the gaps in the db, at least some of them are missing because some files are very straightforward imho.

Posted on: 2020/9/25 19:01
FL Leuchtfeuer
The proclamation of absolute truths is always a business model.