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May. 7, 2021

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Inter Galactic Security Bureau

2008/5/24 10:15
Registered Users
Posts: 30
Hello im DarkGhost and id liek to ivnite u to the =|I.S.B|=. We are a clan but not a navy or pirate clan we are more like the Feds.

The clan Basic Story

A new evil had appeared in Sirius as the fists of organised crime had grasped the systems, one at a time.
Organised crime within the 4 main states of Sirius was under the careful eye of the local law enforcement agencies and each was provided with a large financial boost in order to shut down the threat of large illegal operations. Strikes were made on over 500 bases of operations over Sirius and over 5000 arrests were made within the first month.

The swift action of the 4 house states caused a large majority of the organised crime lords to leave for the border worlds and to move to the newly formed state of Europia. The security forces of Europia were ineffective and made very little impact on stopping of the organised crime rings within its territory. In a desperate attempt to stop the organised crime reaching the borders of Rhineland the Rhineland government sent cruisers and battleships for the Europians to use to fend off any organised crime in the system of Alexandria.

The Europians still failed to leave a dent in the organised crime aspect and even bigger threats were appearing within the states in the form of terrorism. Groups were appearing all over Sirius with one common goal, to force Sirius into a state run by criminals!

A new and elite task team was organised that would have the ability to enforce law anywhere they seen fit to go beyond the borders of Sirius to stop the threats of these organisations. They are know as Inter-Galactic Security Bureau (ISB).

There job to protect Sirius from all grow threats to security and to counter strike on all attacks, arrest and execute prisoners without trial.

Why join the Inter Galactic Security Bureau?

We as a clan have got many diffrent things that seperate us from the crowd of other clans within Void that follow the 'goodie' RP, We are Diffrent!

We offer an large ranking structure were members have the opertunity if they are willing to work and push themselves so that they can gain higher ranks and more responsability. We have a strongly planned out system were by members can be both part of the action and part of the fun where you gain 2 aspects from being promoted.

You find yourself at the start when you join in the position of a recruit and you can build your way up and become a member of a speacilized Task Force that uses raid tactics to acheive its aims, to put down its targets and to move fast without the ultimate loss of our resources to open warfare.

We offer a system of command where by everything has to be cleared with a certain member to get the ultimate goal of success within the clan. We have a system that must be taken to follow our RP to gain arrest warrants and other warrants that allow us to make our moves in a far more fun way to our RP.

Once you get out of the ranks of the Task Force a new door opens for you. You get a chance to move into 'The Core' which is the main control centre of Inter Galactic Security Bureau. It plays host to a mainframe of criminal rep sheets that you gain access to once you reach the first rank of the Bureau which is Field Agent.

If you show promise then there is a chance that you can go into the seats of Deputy Director or even Director. But this dose not mean you cant gain success faster, their are roles open for our staff that involve helping out with the many busy operations we require to be on top of.

If you show promise within the Task Force the position of Sergeant Major may open to you at some point but it is a hard but well satisfying task when you become head of the Task Force and play the vital role of commanding the elite team and raiding targets in next to no times notice.

We also have intend to intergarate a Most Wanted list into the ISB system and into our Public Relations with the Void Server community. We intend to get this started once the clan picks up abit and we beleive it will make alot of diffrence to the actual clans role play giving more targets that do not need the go ahead to attack, arrest and bring to justice!

Like the idea of joining the
Inter Galactic Security Bureau , check here for a chance to fill in our
Application Form

Good Luck and see you in the Space!

Inter Galactic Security Bureau Director

We are just new and so are also looking for help with graphics for our site. if you think you could help us out we would really apreciate it.

Posted on: 2008/12/22 19:52