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September. 20, 2020

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Re: The big .thn/.lua research thread
Not too shy to talk
2010/8/27 14:02
Registered Users
Posts: 76
That's kinda stupid. For a revolute part (which quarters_lod1 is) the values that go there are pairs of timestamp (in seconds) and rotation angle (in radians). The ones you list are going to create partial spin back and forth rather than continious one.

Assuming you want to do full 360 spin in 10 seconds the solution is:
0.0 <- Frame 1 timestamp: 0 seconds
0.0 <- Frame 1 value: 0 degrees
5.0 <- Frame 2 timestamp: 5 seconds
3.14159 <- Frame 2 value: 180 degrees
5.0 <- Frame 3 timestamp: 5 seconds
-3.14159 <- Frame 3 value: -180 degrees
10.0 <- Frame 4 timestamp: 10 seconds
0.0 <- Frame 4 value: 0 degrees

Notice the doubled keyframe at half duration, a flip occurs there to continue rotation into a loop.

Flip signs at values of mid-keyframes if you want to rotate the other direction. Naturally your Rev part must have min/max angles set to -360 and 360 degrees respectively.

Posted on: 3/26 14:09
Re: The big .thn/.lua research thread
Quite a regular
2010/6/13 13:38
From Russia, Penza
Registered Users
Posts: 164
That's kinda stupid.

Because this is my solution. Yes, I did that many times ago and this (by strange reason) really working.

Anyway - your solution isn't best.

This is best solution:


Don't forget about set Frames = 2

By strange reason my version working only with 6,xx values. With 3,xx values this doen't work.

Posted on: 4/3 11:25
Re: The big .thn/.lua research thread
Quite a regular
2008/2/14 21:37
From İstanbul, Turkey
Registered Users
Wiki editors
$$$ Supporters $$$
Posts: 149
Does anyone have a better guide to the lightprops section handy?

I've been working off the guide but i'm having trouble working out what does what, and in what format. From a lot of my own testing it appears cutoff and range don't seem to do anything (but apparently they do?) and I don't really have much of a handle on how any of the parameters should look/be adjusted aside from diffuse which is fortunately quite obvious.

The end goal is to use the date() function to adjust the relevant parameters based on the time and parse them into the lightprops table so it's fairly easy to create working day/night scripts for planets. I'm just not sure what to adjust!

If anyone could help out I'd really appreciate it.

Posted on: 8/7 8:12
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