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May. 29, 2023

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Guess who's back to do s...tuff?!?!?!

2014/7/7 16:40
Registered Users
Posts: 35
O'hi guys, I bet none of you missed me
I made this combined username so that nobody would miss this post ^^

First and foremost, I'd like to make a BIIIIIG HUGE GIANT ENORMOUS apology to EVERYONE, especially Sizer.
So I'm sorry, Sizer. And others who are probably still mad at me. This time it's for real, no psyche, no male cow feces.

I recently read something on Reddit that reminded me of the Freelancer community, and more particularly the /v/lancer mod.
I wanted to make this apology for so long, and didn't have even the chance to think about Freelancer. Now, when I'm free, I'm free to lance, and this is the only active Freelancer modding community which is about to become also a Star Citizen modding community as far as I see. Sincerely, I don't really like this game.

So that's it. This time, no more non-intellectual comments. Mod dev is the only reason I'm here, and so be it.
I got 2 projects I'll probably never finish, and don't really have the motivation to, but it's still a hobby though
All I want is to post under this infamous username.

Starport, this is Freelancer Delta 5-4, requesting permission to dock.
[Se what I did there?]

Posted on: 2014/7/7 17:04
Re: Guess who's back to do s...tuff?!?!?!
Just can't stay away
2009/8/30 8:36
From Bay Area, CA, USA
Registered Users
Senior Members
Posts: 379
I'm not and never have been mad at you, dude. Just be intelligent and keep chill, and there'll be no issues.

Posted on: 2014/7/8 3:33
"Before I start, I'd like to apologize from all my heart in front of everybody for all the bad things I've done before posting this thread. (Sizer, I'll ALWAYS hate you)" - TheDVDMan
Re: Guess who's back to do s...tuff?!?!?!

2014/7/7 16:40
Registered Users
Posts: 35
Well, it always seems like you're the one who holds the greatest grudge against me, so i guessed you'd be the first to block this account or something no matter what i say.
But hey, if we're cool than everything is cool

Posted on: 2014/7/8 8:35
"I'm not and never have been mad at you, dude." -Sizer