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December. 13, 2017

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players cant see server and crashes
Just popping in
2013/2/7 5:59
Registered Users
Posts: 3
i atempted to update the mod my server was running (had flhook 1.6.1, dsam, dspm, and discovery 485 update 3). flmm failed to uninstall the old mod and i ended up having to uninstall. which also failed as it claimed that something was using freelancer.exe. nothing i could see was using the .exe but i could no longer try to uninstall as the unistall.exe had been removed already. i restarted my computer to remove whatever was accessing freelancer.exe and then deleted the remaining files from the folder and installed again.

after a few minutes installing all my server tools and mod had the server running again and players ready to log on. players jump on and suddenly the server crashes. start it up agian and it crashes again, both times windows gives the this process has crashed message (windows 7 64-bit). start it up a third time and now when it crashes the server just suddenly closes and none of my internet players could see it on their server list when it was up, only the one player who is in my house could see and log on through the lan.

i have tried removing flhook and dspm. i tried re-installing again and have the same process with a vanilla install and with v1.1. and tried re-installing a fresh vanilla to a separate folder and drive, all are having the same problem.

the crash always seems to happen withing no more then a few minutes after server launch (at that the time of this writing it was at a record of 13 minutes 3 times more then the prior attempt), and no matter what no internet player (using -s myip) can see it.

im afraid i have somehow irreversibly damaged my ability to host. im open to any suggestion anyone might have!!

Posted on: 2013/2/12 5:17
Re: players cant see server and crashes
Just can't stay away
2008/8/21 4:48
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FLServer Admins
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Senior Members
Posts: 454
I assume you're trying to run a Discovery server. It sounds like you have a corrupted installation.

What version of Discovery did you try to install? Can you provide a link to the file you downloaded?

Download and installation instructions are here:

Posted on: 2013/2/12 21:53
Re: players cant see server and crashes
Just popping in
2013/2/7 5:59
Registered Users
Posts: 3
i had been running discovery 4.8.5 plus update 3 sucsessfully for about 2 weeks. my players were having problems as the minable ores were selling for the same as the standard comodities. so i had made a modified goods.ini to increase their price to the listings on the wiki. i had aquired all the original mod files from the main discovery mod site ( it was the process of the unmounting the old mod in flmm that failed and caused me to have to reinstall at first that led to all of this.

an update to the situation, and one of the wierdest things i have ever seen in the world of computers.

the OP was the last thing i did before going to bed that night. that atempt to host the server that had been at 13 minuites made it to 7:20 before crashing. when i woke up in the morning (8hours later) i restarted it agian and confirmed that my players still could not see the server. aprox 6 hours after that i had players reporting they could see the server but could not log in as they still had 4.85 loaded and the server was still 1.1. got home another 6 hours later instaled and tested each item one piece at a time with no problems and the server is now running with no propblems with 6 connections as i type.

the only adverse affects from the situation:
my main player account was deleted.
another player lost 4.5 million credits.
and somthing about the new minecontrol flhook plugin is preventing rocks from dropping anything.

i have never seen a computer problem that fixed itself through failure before. a most bizare expierience

Posted on: 2013/2/13 5:40