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September. 27, 2023

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[Freelancer Server News]Tekagis Treasure Weekend of Events
Just popping in
2011/7/21 18:59
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Hi All,

I am a player and clan leader on Tekagis treasure,I am a well established player there and am well known as being a fair a decent player even tho the role i play is that of a killer.I hope i am posting this in the right section but i would like to advertise the event that i have organised for the dates 5th to the 7th August.This is it as follows,plz take a look ad give it a thought .

A Weekend Of Events

We will be holding a series of events and games starting on Friday at 4pm GMT and the last event will end on Sunday at 9pm,the games and events will consist of the following.All event days will end at Midnight and start Midday.Unless otherwise stated.The events will all Start on the Hour and you will recieve a 10 min warning before the event starts via a message through the server,this is too give you chance to get to alloted start point.Any fighter of any class may be used with any equipment.There are no restrictions on how many events you wish to have a go at.You will also receive 1 point for just joining in any game and taking part.The Clan at the end with most points will win and there will also be a prize for the non clan member with most points.During any event where pvp is accepted you will not be permitted to use cruise.If you do you will be ejected from the event and any points you have accumalated during the event will be taken from your score.

Game/Event 1 Clash Of The Titans
This is were a Clan or Single Player is able to challenge any Clan.If the challenged clan except All Parties recieve 1 Point and Every Kill is worth 3 points.If the challenge is refused the challenging party recieve 2 points.The battle would have a Time restriction of 30 mins.At this point an Admin or a Tm would call a halt to the fighting and any kills made after this moment would become null avoid.Each clan Team can have as many members as they like but every member only gets 1 life,so when you die your role in this game is over

Game/Event 2 Treasure Hunt
This Event would start in Colorado and every1 would have to collect 5 items from the freelancer world,This event would last 90 mins and if after 90 mins no1 has collected all items the Admins or Tm's will call time and then its whoever has the most items,if multiple people have the same amount of items it will be a race bk to Colorado.You may not kill some1 else to steal their items in this event,this is a treasure hunt for you all to find your own gear.The top 3 will recieve points 1st will get 3 2nd will get 2 3rd will get 1

Game/Event 3 Hunt The Rabbit
This event every1 will start in New York,The Bunny will have a 3 system head start and will carry a flag which only the Admins can supply.Your job is to kill the rabbit and get bk to Colorado with the item,In this event you can kill whoever has the item and pick it up.The winner of this event will recieve 3 points.If the Rabbit is still loose after 90 mins the Admins or TMs will call time and no1 receives the 3 points.

Game/Event 4 The Big Race
This Event will Be a race through Sirius and There will be alternative routes available.It will start in Colorado and end in Colorado,The event will last 90 mins and again the Admins or Tms will call time wen it runs out,if no1 finishes the race it will be judge on distance left to tarvel,As in the treasure Hunt the 1st 3 will reciave points.In this event you will be encouraged to kill your opponents and will receive 2 extra points for every kill.

Game/Event 5 The NPC Bash
This Event will consist of you having to get 10 pilots of multiple factions.This Event will last 1 Hr and you are able to steal other peoples pilots.As before Admins or TM's will call time and if no1 has finished it will go to whoever has the most.Once you have 10 pilots you may then hand them in but not before,Points will awarded to the top 3.No extra points in this event for killing your opponents but you will get their pilots.

Event/Game 6 Pvp Zone collection
This will consist of games that we usually play in here,The time limit will be 1 hr

Event/Game 7 The Race Track
For this event we will use the race track in Dublin.this wont be the usual race but more of endurance,With the last man Standing taking 3 points.You may destroy anything in your path,once you have been killed you are out but may join in the killing of those still hammering round the track,this event will have no time limit.
Any weapon missile or torp will be available to you for this may even use countermeasures and mines.But you will not be permitted to use cruise engines.This will see you instantly ejected from this event.

Event/Game 8 Cargo Of Doom
This event is will see a Battleship travel from Ommicron Alpha to Outer Sol if unlawfuls are defending it and Outer Sol to Omicron Alpha if lawfuls r protecting it.This Event is about RP.The Battleship will be free of guns and will not partake in in the battle itself,but niether will the attackers be allowed to use anything but cruise disruptors on it until every defender has been killed.To do so will see u blown up by an Admin and ejected from the rest of this game.Every1 who takes part in this game will as usual receive 1 point,You will also receive 1 point for every kill you get and each member of the winning team will receive 2 additional points,Even if you dont survive the final fight you will still get the 2 points if your team wins.

Role Of The Defender of Unlawfuls
Times have been hard of late,widespread famine is raging through your colonies and your people are dieing by the thousands,It is time for a sacrifice,The Blood God demands it.And only VIP's will be able to quench his thirst.Your role will be to escort a BS full of VIP's from Om Alpha to Outer Sol and Sun Dive.[Admin will Oblige and shoot ship]
Role Of Defenders of Lawfuls
You have had some major victories as of late and have captured many prisoners.The problem for you tho is that these prisoners are a constant drain on your resources and times r hard and you wish to save this unecessary outgoings.You have a BS full of prisoners and will start in Outer Sol and you have to get them to the Sun in Om Alpha were a [A] will destroy it.Nothing better than killing a load of Killers and Pirates in 1 of their main systems.
As a defender your role is to protect the BS at all costs,You will dock on the BS before we leave the start system incase you die.You will be excpected to defend the BS at all costs from 1 wave of attacks per system.If you die you will not be allowed to rejoin the fight untill we are in the next system.If all defenders Die then The Attackers will blow up the BS and rescue the VIP's or Prisoners.
As an attacker your role is to free your friends weither they are VIP's or prisoners.You will be allowed to attack as 1 wave in every system and if you die you are not able to join again until the defenders reach the next system.You are not allowed to attack the BS with anything other than a Cruise Disruptor until all defenders are dead.
Start Points
Defending Lawfuls will meet at Outer Sol to Exodus jump hole Sol Side
Defending Unlawfuls will meet at the Ommicron Alpha to Genesis jump gate Alpha side.
Attacking Lawfuls will wait at the jump hole from Genesis to Malachi on Genesis side
Attacking Unlawfuls will wait at Exodus to Zephaniah jump hole Exodus side.
Attackers are not allowed withing 20k of the jump hole the defenders will come through to give them chance to get into formation.

The games will start on Fiday the 5th of August and run through to Sunday the 7th of August.Friday The games will start at 4 pm GMT and end at Midnight GMT,Saturday the Events will start at Midday and end at Midnight GMT again.And Sunday will start at Midday and end at 9pm all GMT yet again.

TimeTable will be as Follows

Friday 5th August
4pm- Event 3
6pm- Event 4
8pm- Event 8
10pm- Event 7
11pm- Event 6
Midnight- Event Ends for the Day

Saturday 6th August
Midday- Event 2
1pm- Event 5
2pm- Event 1
4pm- Event 3
6pm- Event 4
8pm- Event 8
10pm- Event 7
11pm- Event 6
Midnight- Event Ends for the Day

Sunday 7th August
Midday- Event 2
2pm- Event 5
4pm- Event 4
6pm- Event 7
7pm- Event 1
8pm- Event 6

Good Luck to everyone, please remember to have fun and try at least one event.

Posted on: 2011/7/22 16:00