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April. 16, 2021

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Exe Hacks
Home away from home
2008/2/9 19:57
From United Kingdom
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Originall posted by Lancer Solurus on the Universal Modding Forums. Found here.

This is a list of hacks I have found and also the ones that used to be listed on TLR.

These hacks expect you to have the FL version 1.1 (patched)

Below is all of the ones I found

Price Limit
001caee8 float - change to a5 d4 68 53 (999,999,999,999.0)

Max Money all integers max 7fffffff (2.1 bil) change to ff ff ff 7f

Tradelane speed all floats change to (10000.0) 00 40 1c 46, (20000.0) 00 40 9c 46

True Speed display up to 999 float change to 00 00 7a 44 (1000.0) first version

HUD speed fix
000d5936 0f85 to 90e9 Cruise
000d5984 7e to eb Tradelanes

Docking distance - comes in 2 parts - floats
1) How far away can you click on a base and select dock
2) Distance from dock when the docking sequence is actually initiated

1)0013f48c originally 10000.0
2)0018bdb4 originally 1000.0

Below this is information obtained by checking info from TLR post "Breaking the limits"

Visibility settings Loc Original Value HEX value file Verified Tested
ZNear 00210530 3f 00004040 FL.exe y n
ZFar 00210534 250000f 00247448 FL.exe y n
Ship/Scenery Distance 001c8910 20000f 00409c46 FL.exe y n
Dist^2 targetting box 001d15b8 100000000f 20bcbe4c FL.exe y n

Dist^2 NPC disappear 00086aec 6250000f 20bcbe4a server.dll y n
Dist^2 plyr disappear 00086af0 25000000f 20bcbe4b server.dll y n
Dist^2 grpd plyr disap 00086af4 100000000f 20bcbe4c server.dll y n

Resale % for ships 001d6d38 0.8f cdcc4c3f FL.exe y n

Full post from TLR below
-------- Visibility --------
3f in Freelancer.exe, 0x210530 = near plane of view frustum
0x210530 = 1.1
250000f in Freelancer.exe, 0x210534 = far plane of view frustum (nothing will be drawn beyond this)
0x210534 = 1.1
20000f in Freelancer.exe, 0x1C8910 = max distance at which ships can be seen (even if LODranges specify a higher distance)
0x1C8910 = 1.1
100000000f in Freelancer.exe, 0x1D15B8 = square of max distance that a ship can be selected
0x1D15B8 = 1.1
6250000f in server.dll, 0x84ADC = square of NPC disappear distance in MP
0x86AEC = 1.1
25000000f in server.dll, 0x84AE0 = square of player disappear distance in MP
0x86AF0 = 1.1
100000000f in server.dll, 0x84AE4 = square of grouped player disappear distance in MP
0x86AF4 = 1.1

-------- NPC spawning/behavior --------
1775d in content.dll, 0x11AC80 = initial NPC max spawn distance in SP and MP (such as after respawn)
0x11BC80 = 1.1
2500d in content.dll, 0x11AC68 = NPC max spawn distance in SP and MP (following initial spawn)
0x11BC68 = 1.1
2500f in content.dll, 0xD3C3E = maximum distance that NPCs will persist in MP (I don't recall if it applies to SP)
0xD3D6E = 1.1
3750f in content.dll, 0x591B6 = distance over which NPC spawning will ignore density cap in SP; as a general rule, make it 1.5 * NPC max spawn distance
0x58F46 = 1.1
(when searching for that I found a 3750f under 0x58F76 in the 1.1 content.dll, two rows down from 0x58F46. I don't know what it does, though)
7500f in content.dll, 0x116A68 = distance over which NPC spawning will ignore density cap in MP; as a general rule, make it 3 * NPC max spawn distance
0x117A68 = 1.1
5000f in common.dll, 0x1407E0 = max range at which NPCs will engage enemies; don't forget to increase the range at which NPCs will engage in pilots_population as well (attack_preference under JobBlock)
0x140810 = 1.1
5000f in content.dll, 0xD0510 AND 0x11AD10 = max range at which NPCs will go hostile upon seeing their allies go hostile (AND means both values must be changed)
0xD0630 AND 0x11BD10 = 1.1
500i in content.dll, 0x6C790 = max range at which NPCs will scan your cargo
0x6C470 = 1.1
2500f in content.dll, 0x6CA37 = max range at which NPCs will initiate scan of your cargo
0x6C717 = 1.1

-------- HUD --------
2000i in Freelancer.exe, 0xD2C02 = distance over which kilometers rather than meters are displayed (in the contact list)
0xD2C02 = 1.1
2000i in Freelancer.exe, 0xEEF90 = distance over which kilometers rather than meters are displayed (target bracket in space)
0xEEF90 = 1.1
10000i in Freelancer.exe, 0xD2C32 = distance over which fractions of kilometers are not displayed
0xD2C32 = 1.1
99999i in Freelancer.exe, 0xD2C94 = distance over which "far" is displayed rather than an actual distance
0xD2C94 = 1.1
999i in Freelancer.exe, 0xD597A = speed over which "---" is displayed
0xD597A = 1.1
0x0F85->0x90E9 in Freelancer.exe, 0xD5936 = remove cruise speed display limit of 300 (in other words, change 0x0F85 to 0x90E9; this hack was found by someone else)
0xD5936 = 1.1
0.6f in Freelancer.exe, 0xDFC09 = speed at which target crosshair closes on subtarget in wireframe view (make smaller for faster)
0xDFC09 = 1.1
0.8d in Freelancer.exe, 0x1D7E50 = width of bars for energy, shield and hull gauges (for example, set to 1.0 to make the bars solid)
0x1D7E50 = 1.1
1.25f in Freelancer.exe, 0x1C9804 = multiplier for distance at which brackets around non-targeted ships in space will appear (1.25 = ~3km, 37.5 = ~93km, etc)
0x1C9804 = 1.1
3.0f in Freelancer.exe, 0x1D7964 = seconds between updates of the distances in the contact list
0x1D7964 = 1.1

-------- Misc --------
1000f in common.dll, 0x18ADB4 = max dock acknowledge distance
0x18BDB4 = 1.1
10000f in common.dll, 0x13F45C = max docking initiation distance
0x13F48C = 1.1
0.8f in Freelancer.exe, 0x1D6D38 = resale % for ships
0x1D6D38 = 1.1
9999999f in Freelancer.exe, 0x1CAEE8 = maximum value of any single good
0x1CAEE8 = 1.1
0.9f in common.dll, 0x18C5D4 = Reputation over which will give you affiliation with that faction (faction name appears in space before your name)
0x18D5D4 = 1.1
999999999i in server.dll, 0x6EEF1 = maximum credits that a player can have in MP
(un-able to find precisely in 1.1 server.dll with my methods, however my testing with upping max cash on the 1.0 DLL caused players to have a chance of wrapping around to -1 credits, loosing all their cash)

EFT_EXPLOSION_LARGE (limited duration):
100f in Freelancer.exe, 0x212AF0 - on-screen radius of effects, affects size-on-screen-based cutoff (make larger to increase cutoff range)
0x212AF0 - 1.1
15f in Freelancer.exe, 0x212AF8 - max run time of effects
0x212AF8 - 1.1
100f in Freelancer.exe, 0x212B00 - unknown, likely the first value of pbubble
0x212B00 - 1.1
500f in Freelancer.exe, 0x212B04 - visual cutoff range of effects (second value of pbubble)
0x212B04 - 1.1

EFT_WEAPON_LARGE_PROJ (infinite duration):
50f in Freelancer.exe, 0x212C58 - on-screen radius of effects
0x212C58 - 1.1
-1f in Freelancer.exe, 0x212C60 - max run time of effects
0x212C60 - 1.1
100f in Freelancer.exe, 0x212C68 - unknown, likely the first value of pbubble
0x212C68 - 1.1
500f in Freelancer.exe, 0x212C6C - visual cutoff range of effects (second value of pbubble)
0x212C6C - 1.1
15f in Freelancer.exe, 0x213158 - on-screen radius of vis_beam effects
0x213158 - 1.1
100f in Freelancer.exe, 0x213168 - unknown, likely the first value of pbubble for vis_beam
0x213168 - 1.1
500f in Freelancer.exe, 0x21316C - default vis_beam cutoff range (second value of pbubble for vis_beam)
0x21316C - 1.1

EFT_DAMAGE_LARGE_SMOKE (infinite duration):
20f in Freelancer.exe, 0x212DE8 - on-screen radius of effects
0x212DE8 - 1.1
-1f in Freelancer.exe, 0x212DF0 - max run time of effects
0x212DF0 - 1.1
100f in Freelancer.exe, 0x212DF8 - unknown, likely the first value of pbubble
0x212DF8 - 1.1
500f in Freelancer.exe, 0x212DFC - visual cutoff range of effects (second value of pbubble)
0x212DFC - 1.1

Posted on: 2008/3/14 19:56
Re: Exe Hacks
Just can't stay away
2008/5/28 18:04
From Maine, USA
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Posts: 457
Heh, didn't see this when I re-posted the Limit Breaking 101 topic from the days of old (I was surprised no-one posted any of this info yet). However, it is fair to mention that the topic mentioned contains a more up-to-date list as well as a link to a step-by-step, picture-guided tutorial.

Posted on: 2008/5/29 17:05
88 Flak for Freelancer
1.27 Betas | Wiki | Forums
Re: Exe Hacks
Home away from home
2008/2/10 22:00
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Posts: 1281
Another note, the ones I found are for the original NoCD version with the 1.1 patch installed.

Posted on: 2008/5/29 17:40
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