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April. 11, 2021

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This is the Space Log of the Acerbus
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2008/2/24 7:47
From Netherlands
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Title: This is the Space Log of the Acerbus Space Vessel Class NT-307

Author(s): Sedare Mortis and the after was written by VorteX

Server: WTS World CCN

This is the Space Log of the Acerbus Space Vessel Class NT-307


VorteX Commander
DominaVorteX Second In Command, Science Officer
Sedare Mortis Weapons And Special Ops Officer
AureusLeaena Lieutenant First Class
CaseusOrbis Gunnery Sergeant
Mercator Barter and Trade Officer
OpifeX Engines Officer
Mitis Cor Navigations Officer
Ignus Gladius Communications Officer

Weapons Officer Sedare Mortis has recorded this log.

November 25, 2139
Log 0609

We are traveling to Phirna, a Border World of our Galaxy.
We have some goods on board, which are as important
as they are dangerous.

We were half way to our destination
when our hyperspace drive disabled.
We exited hyperspace without warning,
and then as suddenly as we exited
our computer made an Emergency hyper jump....
something our ship wasn't prepared for.

Our ship exited hyperspace in an unknown sector
completely out of fuel. Our energy generator had been left behind
as it had quit working a long time ago...

November 26, 2139
Log 0610

Our first job is to get the Emergency transmission relay
broadcasting. Job accomplished.
Our second job is to take stock of our food and
estimate how long we will survive....

November 27, 2139
Log 0611

The morale of the crew is very low.
It has only been a day but things are going
poorly. We took stock of our food and found we only
have two weeks of supplies. That isn't very long in space......

November 28, 2139
Log 0612

Commander VorteX has called a meeting today to see what we can do about the engines.
The engineer says they are in pretty
bad shape, but thinks he might be able to get sub light drives operable.

November 29, 2139
Log 0613

The engineer reports that he can have sub light back online
in two days. The Navigator is going to try and figure out where we are by comparing star constellations to our charts. The ships cook is going to try and stretch the food for as long as he can and estimates we have enough for three weeks. That is good news!

November 30, 2139
Log 0614

There has been some good and bad news today, the bad news is that our communications dish was destroyed by a stray asteroid and is damaged beyond repair. The good news is that we aren't drifting into a sun or asteroid belt....

November 31, 2139
Log 0615

Today the engineer got the sub light engines on line.
We are lucky that we had our sub light engines swapped to the new non-fuel type. It was expensive but we found them in a junkyard almost new! Unfortunately our hyperspace drive is old-fashioned fuel type. Our Navigator still hasn’t determined where we are…we are starting to worry that we won’t survive, but the Commander is trying his best to raise the morale.

December 1, 2139
Log 0616

Today is the first of the month. We held a celebration today
and it did a lot of good for the crew. The morale has lifted considerably. We didn’t get much done on account of the party.
But who doesn’t need a day off?

December 3, 2139
Log 0617

It has been a few days since I last wrote in the log, the reason is
that not much has happened and we are still waiting on the Navigator to find out where we are so we can plot a course…

December 5, 2139
Log 0618

Finally!!! The Navigator has found where we are. We are in an unexplored Galaxy called Sirius…we have set course for the most likely place for a planet or base. But this region being unexplored we have no assurances of finding anything. Also we are down to
two weeks of food…I hope we find something soon…

December 8, 2139
Log 0619

There is more bad news…our engines power generator exploded leaving a gapping hole in the engine room opening it to the vacuum of space…we are now drifting and have no lights in the ship. We still have heat because there is a separate power generator for it…all we can do now is hope to be rescued…

December 11, 2139
Log 0620

We are down to one week of food and no sign of a planet or base yet…our Navigator predicts that in three weeks we will enter an asteroid belt and be destroyed…but I think he is hallucinating…

December 18, 2139
Log 0621

We are now completely out of food! The crew is hanging in there but are already showing signs of hunger…not much else to report, We haven’t found anything and the hope of finding anything is growing small…

December 25, 2139
Log 0622

The hunger is almost unbearable. We have started looking for insects and rodents on our ship…and how I wish we could catch them…or at least something…

December 31, 2139
Log 0623

The illusions and hallucinations have started…one of our Officers said he saw an animal on board, a hunted animal back on his home planet…and as a result the crew began to disassemble the ship trying to find the animal…even I joined in…two of the Officers
on board stated that they had seen a ship and had ignored it, Also our Communications Officer said he had heard a man hailing our vessel but had also dismissed it as a illusion…I will think on this for a whole day and separate myself from the crew...I’ll report my findings tomorrow…

January 1, 2140
Log 0624

We are saved!!!!!!! The ship the three Officers saw and heard was an actual space vessel!!!!! It boarded us and took both our ship and us back to a station! It was Wonderful! Fortunately DominaVorteX and our Communications Officer were able to decipher the language and make translation boxes in short order so we were able to explain what had happened. They have given us a place to stay and eat till we have recovered fully, which was very nice of them! They have also offered to fix our ship and replace most of the damaged or missing parts!!

January 15, 2140
Log 0625

Those Scoundrels!!! The help they gave us was charged to an account and we were forced to pay it when we had recovered!!!!
If these guys aren’t pirates they are either Ferengi or the closest thing to pirates I’ve ever seen!! After we had paid those “Nice” people, we set course for our previous destinations, the Border World I mentioned earlier in this log, Phirna

January 27, 2140
Log 0626

All seems to be going well. We haven’t had any problems yet and hope we don’t have any! We should be arriving in our galaxy in five days. We are all looking forward to it!

February 1, 2140
Log 0627

This is a terrible day for all of us…. we returned to our galaxy at
15:00 hours and found that our galaxy had been…. destroyed….
An unknown race entered our galaxy and began destroying worlds one after another, after another, until they had destroyed all the bases, planets and moons in our galaxy…. We recovered an encoded data cube that explained that, the forces of Evil had summoned these aliens. But to their dismay, the aliens destroyed them too…. These Evil Ones we had also fought in the Great Wars, the entire crew of the Acerbus are veterans of the Wars. Commander VorteX called a meeting and we, all of us, decided that we would return to Sirius and search out any survivors of our galaxy…


March 16, 2141
Log 0719

Here is a summary of our meeting.

…The few who survived sought each other out and wandered in search of a new start. Avoiding the war torn domains they settled around Sirius, trading and living peacefully. But the same influences that began the cruel path to devastation in our galaxy showed their hideous face in Sirius. Unfortunately the forces of good are not the only ones who survived the destruction of our galaxy. Traders are robbed and scuttled; good people are hijacked and ransomed. The unwary preyed upon by the forces of evil and criminals of all sort.

Many of us had fought in the Great Wars and many still had their skills. After a distressed meeting in the far reaches of Omicron Lambda our group of wanderers decided to form the

From the widow to the special ops, the recruits to the experienced, we vow to fight back. Be it trader or ace we will die rather than give in to Evil. The same devastation will NOT overcome Sirius and we will help and protect those other good people who stand with us…

We may be small, but we’re growing stronger. From this day forward we will seek out other survivors and those of like mind and will… we are now the [A3E]

Imperator VorteX

Posted on: 2009/2/14 10:19
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