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February. 22, 2020
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Downloads > Freelancer Editing Downloads > Big Huge Effects Pack Revised (02/19/09)

Freelancer Editing Downloads

Freelancer Editing Downloads

Big Huge Effects Pack Revised (02/19/09)


Contains the effects, and code used for the special effects of Itano Circus. See homepage link

for more details.

Each folder contains the files in the effects pack, as well as documentation describing the

effect itself and other nots such as its implementation.

This pack contains:

4 New missile sounds
2 New explosion sounds
Associated code for said sounds

5 Resized missile models, including Torpedo
A new dummy model for use as a gun, munition, or debris

New sprites for explosions and missile smoke

17 Missile and torpedo effects
Each missile has its explosion slightly tweaked
Torpedo explosions completely redone (See Weapon Descriptions.txt for more info)

15 New explosions of various size and color
Includes ambient explosions and battledust

Documentation for how to implement the more exotic effects, such as the ambient explosions used

in Itano Circus and the battledust used in 88 Flak.


Feel free to use and modify the work in this pack. Please credit me in the readme of your mod. I

also ask that you send me a PM through The Starport, or e-mail me at bmh123[AT]comcast[.]net to

give me a heads up on its use.

Credits: Brian "Why485" Hernandez

Submitter: FriendlyFire
Released: Sun, 05-Jul-2009

Release Status:: None
Downloads: 1521
File Size: 2.54 Mb

Rating:   (0 Votes)

Reviews:  (1)

Mirrors Available: 0

Download Times:
Modem(56k) : 7.0min
ISDN(64k) : 6.2min
DSL(768k) : 31s
LAN(10M) : 2s
Price: Free | Platform: None | License: None | Limitations: None

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Other files by: FriendlyFire
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SUR Splicer 1.0 (Sun, 05-Jul-2009)
SUR Exporter v1.1 (Sun, 05-Jul-2009)
Starsphere Utility 1.1 (Sun, 05-Jul-2009)
HardCMP V1.0.0.23 (Sun, 05-Jul-2009)
Freelancer Quickfix Patch V1.0c (Sun, 05-Jul-2009)

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