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Freelancer|The Void New Mod Released Freelancer Mod News
Posted by [VOID]VectorX on 2009/10/1 5:29:49 (5382 reads)

Its with great pleasure that i announce the release of the new version of the 2115 series

This is an anticipation for the upcoming 2145 mod witch is already under works

Readme file

Freelancer "The Void: 2115v7 September 2009" (Client)
by RimShot, Vector-X, Strail, The Void Development Team

This mod may be used only on The Void Freelancer Server.

Please visit:

Change Log

Aditions - New Freelancer Ships

- LF: 4
- HF: 4
- VHF: 10
- FR: 10

Mod Fixes - Various

- Fixed Flyable Battleships Collision Groups, Infocards, Prices
- Fixed Effects
- Fixed Infocards
- Fixed Hardpoints
- Fixed some instances where player would crash to desktop (ctd) wen using Jump Holes
- Rebalanced Weapons to provide (...)

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Jason's Freelancer Patch Freelancer Mod News
Posted by adoxa on 2009/9/12 1:50:00 (8901 reads)

JFLP (for short, pronounced jay-flip) is an unofficial patch for Freelancer. It expands on the work of Louva-Deus (SDK/QuickFix) and Buck Danny (Unofficial FL SP Patch), providing many additional improvements. Some new features have also been added:

  • additional controls, including rolling and vertical strafing;
  • actual Stats displays for Powerplants, Engines, Scanners, Tractor Beams and Armor (for mods that show them);
  • widescreen support.

However, it does not include the official patch.

It's available from my Site or Freelancer Critical Downloads (once I upload it, subject to approval).

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Solurus Systems 1.171 Freelancer Mod News
Posted by Worfeh on 2009/7/3 22:50:00 (4602 reads)

{mos_smf_discuss:Front News}

Solurus Systems V1.171

Created by Freelancer Fans

Digital Brilliance

A sci-fi MOD containing many different universes combined into one. Systems are based mainly on the Star Trek universe, each race from the show are near their respective location in the galaxy.

This MOD is designed with role playing in mind. NPC reps only change for the NPC you shoot. This way a player can have a rep change done and it does not change for any new faction once set. Only the original factions can be changed since the files for them haven't changed.

113 New factions

143 Systems

351 ships

50 million starting credits

All gates unlocked

Many new commodities, quadruples the amount available

GPL based economy, you can have over $20,000,000,000, (...)

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RRJDS 2.82 Mod Released Freelancer Mod News
Posted by Worfeh on 2009/6/11 1:20:00 (4121 reads)

{mos_smf_discuss:Front News}

After 2 years of frustrations and brainaches, RRJDS 2.82 - The Prophecy - is now released and active on our server.


The Mod itself is not the main attraction to our server, but our Guild is.

We, the Reputation Repair and Judicial Distribution Specialist Guild, have been established for approximately 6 years, founded by original Beta testers of Freelancer, and our name reflected the importance of repairing reps to permit universal trading and of handing out swift judicial punishments to those human players who behaved badly against us and other players in those early days of mob behaviour on many servers.

We have maintained our standards of Fairness, Sportsmanship and Honour - our "Three Pillars of Virtue" - since the beginning, and insist on those being upheld on our servers, so that we have created a pleasant environment for our players where everyone feels he/she (...)

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Discovery Freelancer 4.85: Reunion Release Freelancer Mod News
Posted by Worfeh on 2009/6/10 20:40:00 (5353 reads)

The development of Discovery 4.85 has taken 1,5 years to complete. Now we, the newly formed Discovery Development Team, present to you the result of our work. The wait is over. After months of online beta testing, Discovery Freelancer 4.85: Reunion is released and available for download.

Year is 817 After Settlement (A.S.), 16 years after the single-player campaign of Freelancer, and one year after Discovery 4.84 took place. A Sirius-wide war is on the brink of engulfing the sector. While Kusari pushes its onslaught against Bretonia deep into the Leeds system, Bretonia attempts to surround Kusari forces in Tau-31. Liberty attacks Rheinland in Bremen and Hudson, and Rheinland has to pull back to defend its own borders. As if this was not enough, in late 817 the Independent Miners Guild encountered a large number unknown ships in the Orkney system. The ships belonged to a rebel group formed within the long-lost House of Gallia, the existence of which remained unknown for centuries (...)

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Carrier ships Freelancer Mod News
Posted by Worfeh on 2009/4/16 19:50:00 (3620 reads)

.:LEGAL BS:. (Skip if you have the urge to)

This mod, is for demonstration only, which should help other modders to implement Carrier ships into their mods.

Written by Stormblast


Well, to start simply, as I asure you the whole tutorial is, the basic idea of a

carrier ship is to have a capital ship (I used the luxury liner) in role of a jump gate. Basically

you dock to the ship and it carries you to another place.

Tools needed:

-HardCMP, for adding extra hardpoints to your carrier

-Notepad, or something else you use for editing .ini files

-a little free time and a fingertip of good will

1. Adding custom hardpoints to the ship you choosed

After you have chosen a ship which you think is good for the purpose find it's model file (.cmp) and backup it.


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