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Welcome to The Starport! The Starport is your definitive resource for all things Freelancer game: mods, modding, tips and tricks, it's all in here. Head over to our Wiki if you'd like to delve straight into our continuously expanding database of knowledge, or tune into our forums if you'd prefer asking straight to the pros! Be sure to participate in one of the greatest space-sim communities and let's hope you will, like us, become a fan of the Freelancer game.
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Twit Twit Twoooo! The Starport News
Posted by cheeseontoast on 2011/3/3 4:20:00 (8086 reads)

Ladies and Gentlemen of TSP... hold your hats... as we step into the 21st century.....

We are now.... on twitter!

Open in new window

That is all.
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Wiki: Freelancer Mod & Server Database The Starport News
Posted by w0dk4 on 2010/6/12 3:22:23 (14235 reads)

Another update regarding the site:

Given we didnt really have any proper Freelancer Mods database (and given many people search for that), I have created one within the Wiki for everybody to add to.
Additionally, I created a Freelancer Servers database in the same style.
Also, there are now links to these pages in the navigation menu (under "Main Menu").

When adding more mods/servers on the main database pages, please keep within the existing style and use other entries as a base for your entry. You can create a more in-depth and personalized page regarding your mod/server on a seperate wiki page.
The listings should also not have elaborate descriptions of mods, but short summaries of what the mods are about and what makes them special. Just (...)

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FLCN Update + Survey The Starport News
Posted by FriendlyFire on 2010/4/14 16:08:39 (9527 reads)

I am pleased to announce that, thanks to the amazing work done by Huor, the FLCN has received a long-overdue refresh. You should now see a dynamic, self-refreshing bar constantly feeding new links to the user, which should further help visibility and better attract the eye. We hope you will like the new features. More details will be posted later today on the FLCN threads.

We also invite you to take a survey so that you may give your opinion on The Starport's current status. Answer as honestly as you can!

Thank you,

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Server Move completed & Donations The Starport News
Posted by w0dk4 on 2010/2/14 18:06:13 (9306 reads)

I'm glad to announce that the server move has been completed successfully without any major problems.

The archive has also been restored at

Furthermore, the new Forge site is up and running, with 2 mods already using the Starport's SVN server. (you cannot see them because they are non-public projects).
If you need any of the files hosted on the old Forge site, we have a backup!

In other news, the search function has been fixed and is now fully usable again, also searching the forums by default.

We also survived our first DOS attacks which happened at Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The server should now be pretty safe against simple DOS attacks.

Finally, while I dont want to beg for money, servers are not free. If you like what we are doing and want to help keeping The-Starport online (...)

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Server Move The Starport News
Posted by w0dk4 on 2010/2/4 18:58:05 (6887 reads)

First of all, I want to thank Worfeh for hosting The Starport for so long, even through the tough DDOS times. He did a great job and I think we should all applaud him, without him Starport would not be here now.

That being said, Worfeh no longer wants to host The Starport due to understandable reasons. In the near future, I will host the site, so expect a downtime very soon (as in a few days).

There will also be some changes, mainly related to the Forge:
The current forge software will be replaced with a new one, named Redmine -
I hope you are not mad at me for losing your projects.
Redmine has some substantial advantages, its simply more modern and also open source (GForge was closed source).
There were also serious problems in porting the Forge over to a new server, which contributed to this change (we would have lost data anyway, so to say (...)

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New Security Measures Enforced The Starport News
Posted by FriendlyFire on 2009/10/11 18:13:05 (5034 reads)

Due to a large amount of hacking and denial of service attempts, we needed to strengthen the site's security and tighten certain restrictions. If you have issues accessing the site, please try again after a short while and deactivate download accelerators.

The Forge is also disabled until further notice.

Thanks for your understanding,
The Starport Staff

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FLCN Update The Starport News
Posted by FriendlyFire on 2009/10/4 15:24:17 (4288 reads)

This update is mainly for site admins: the FLCN can now be found on Google Code at the following address:

The full code can be found on the FLCN main topic.

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Freelancer Content and a small update. The Starport News
Posted by Worfeh on 2009/8/21 17:40:00 (2648 reads)

It has been 2 weeks now since we opened up SP 2.0.

We had some minor set back, some bugs but most as solved now and we see that the site is being used more and more now.

HazardFN is realy busy structuring the old freelancer downloads section to new categories so searching for files will become easier for all. The only ting we realy changed is that it is now needed to be logged in to the site to fully make use of the download sections.

What we want to ask you is to provide nice Freelancer content to our Wiki, a lot people have been asking in the past for a wiki but to let it grow to its full potential we need more content in it, so it can become a great Freelancer reference in modding the game and playing the game, we need more input.

Thats why i ask all of you to dig up those old tutorials and make them availeble on the wiki.

It is also good to link your Freelancer mod on the downloads section, we provide space up to 512MB but if (...)

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Multiple Fixes Done The Starport News
Posted by FriendlyFire on 2009/8/15 18:46:52 (2050 reads)

You've probably noticed that the site would intermittently crash, bug, error out, return blank pages and other such odd behaviors. Please do not worry, this is just a required inconvenience to fully customize the site to our needs. As we speak, I'm fixing some of the site's features so that they work better, smoother and/or faster.

Please bear with us while we work on creating the best possible experience for all of you.

The Starport Team

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The Starport 2.0! The Starport News
Posted by FriendlyFire on 2009/8/13 19:50:00 (2327 reads)

It is with great pride and excitement that The Starport's Staff reveals the project we've been working on for months: The Starport 2.0.

The new site is a total reboot. Brand new software, optimized modules, custom-tailored components and a stunning new appearance, that is what you can expect! Rest assured though, the old site's content have been transfered to this brand new start and anything not yet moved will be shortly. Some user rights will not be restored.

We are pleased to welcome you in our new lair. Feel free to browse the forums, read and contribute in our brand new Wiki or look at our much improved Downloads area! We hope you enjoy what we have been working on and wish we can continue working together toward a better community.

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