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March. 30, 2015
10 Years of Freelancer The Starport News
Posted by w0dk4 on 2013/3/4 18:18:13 (5701 reads) News by the same author

10 years ago on March 4th, 2003, Freelancer was released. To this day, Freelancer remains to be the reference in space action and role playing games.

Chances are that this year will be a very interesting one for the game. Interest in the genre is rising again and we might see some major mod releases this year. Also, it has been rumored that a digital release of the game could happen very soon.

However, we also need to take a look at the more distant future. Freelancer is getting older and so is our website. Hopefully this year, I will try to get away from Xoops (our current CMS) and relaunch the website using a major forum software (phpBB or SMF) as the main website element. We will keep the Wiki and the Forge.
As regards the site content, I think our strength is covering space games with support for modding and private servers. So far, there have been almost no reasonably good games in this segment since Freelancer. With Star Citizen however, this might change. If there will be proper support for modding and private servers, expect Star Citizen to become a major focus of our website. Also, Infinity might be another future game that we could cover.

Back to Freelancer, we want to celebrate today's birthday with the release of the Freelancer Multiplayer Beta to all registered users of the Starport. Follow this link to get to the beta forums (registered users only). Thanks a lot to our community member "runod" for providing the beta files!

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