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May. 25, 2016
Discovery USA closing 01/07/12 Freelancer Server News
Posted by Alex. on 2012/6/19 17:43:16 (6707 reads) News by the same author

On Thursday the Discovery USA admin team announced that they would be closing down their server on the first of July.

It's sad to see another server go but I wish the server admins and others who have stopped playing good luck with whatever they do next.

A copy of the original announcement for when it disappears:

As the title says, the server and website are closing down on July 1st. We want to thank all our community members past and present for all the great times this server has had. It is regrettable, but things change over time, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

We consider you all friends and hopefully we will all still keep in touch.

All files contained on the "box" remain the property of Dominatrix/Sage. Everyone's write ups and stories on the forums are theirs to take wherever they want and are encouraged to do so.
Discovery USA "box" the physical server was bought by Wolverine and Zero awhile back and will remain theirs to do with as they wish. All files pertaining to the server, community etc still remain as the property of Dominatrix/Sage.

If you would like to move to the new server that Danath has been working on with much of the community here you can find it at
We wish them all the best and hope that the Discovery Redemption server lives for many years to come. You will surely see a bit of all the DUSA staff and community there over time.

Good luck and farewell!

Thanks again for all the great memories!

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