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April. 1, 2015
Freeworlds: Tides of War - Development Video # 15 Freelancer Mod News
Posted by Sushi on 2011/12/17 19:36:39 (2435 reads) News by the same author

Firstly, I wanted to thank all our fans for voting us into the top 100 mods for the 4th year in a row. We're so privledged to have such a dedicated and supportive fanbase and without you words of encouragement, I'm sure we would have packed the mod in quite some time ago!

Over the past few days, I've had some extra time away from my residency program in Emergency Medicine to spend on the mod. In that time, I've been working on closing up some loose ends. One of those is getting the lovely Mon Calamari Shipyards that Sizer designed from scratch into game. After some time getting her prepared, you can see her in game!

Mon Calamari Shipyards

Mon Calamari Shipyards

You can see just how massive the base is with the MC90 sitting there. The MC90 is approximately 2.2km in length!

DarkForce recently released a Roleplay/Lore update feature. For those of you that are looking for more information on that, please follow this link!

Last night, FriendlyFire informed me that he noticed that MIPMAPs were working properly in game now. As some of the Freelancer enthusiasts may know, MIP MAPs have existed in vanilla Freelancer since release. However, the appropriate utilization has been lacking. With the integration of DX9, we noticed an improvement in the rendering of such textures and coverted all the .dds textures to MIPMAP based. What does this mean to you, the player? Pretty models and performance improvements.

Performance improved so much, I was able to film the notorious benchmarking system, Battle of Bilbringi with its 1000+ lasers and 50+ NPCs without incredible framerate drops.

Check out the development video here:

If you like what you see, please take a moment and vote for us in the MODDB MOTY Awards!!

As always, any comments, suggestions or questions are welcomed!

Please follow us also on:


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