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July. 30, 2015
Server Move The Starport News
Posted by w0dk4 on 2010/2/4 18:58:05 (6464 reads) News by the same author

First of all, I want to thank Worfeh for hosting The Starport for so long, even through the tough DDOS times. He did a great job and I think we should all applaud him, without him Starport would not be here now.

That being said, Worfeh no longer wants to host The Starport due to understandable reasons. In the near future, I will host the site, so expect a downtime very soon (as in a few days).

There will also be some changes, mainly related to the Forge:
The current forge software will be replaced with a new one, named Redmine -
I hope you are not mad at me for losing your projects.
Redmine has some substantial advantages, its simply more modern and also open source (GForge was closed source).
There were also serious problems in porting the Forge over to a new server, which contributed to this change (we would have lost data anyway, so to say).

Also, we will allow SVN for FL tools _and_ mods! You heard that right, also for mods. After experiencing team-development in an SVN environment within the Freeworlds team, I dont want any of you to miss out.

So, stay tuned and dont be frightened by a soon-to-come downtime.

~ The-Starport Administration

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