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There are currently 22 users playing Freelancer on 41 servers.
October. 6, 2022
Would you be interested in Star Citizen modding?
Would you be interested in Star Citizen modding for private servers?
Ended at 2013/6/1 0:00
Yes. 79 % 79 % (233)
No, not interested in SC mods/modding. 7 % 7 % (21)
No, not interested in SC in general. 13 % 13 % (38)
Total Votes: 292
Total Voters: 292
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Poster Thread
Posted: 2013/1/31 8:48  Updated: 2013/1/31 23:49
 archived mods
ok it seems like half of the mods in your archive section are fucked up in one form or another. FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 2013/1/31 23:50  Updated: 2013/1/31 23:50
Starport Admin
Joined: 2008/2/26
From: Germany
Posts: 1791
 Re: archived mods
I think we will have a site re-design sometime maybe this year and as part of that we'll probably overhaul the downloads section.
Posted: 2013/2/12 15:42  Updated: 2013/2/12 15:42
Home away from home
Joined: 2008/9/11
From: Somewhere at Moscow
Posts: 1779
"No, not interested in SC mods/modding."
Because i have not played SC
Posted: 2013/8/7 4:27  Updated: 2013/8/7 10:56
 Mod suggestion
I don't know where you post mod suggestions, or how to sign up for the site but I would like to suggest a mod that gives Freelancer a "Tron: Legacy/ Evolution" makeover,, changes the ships,the characters' clothing and even turn Planet Manhattan into a city of the Grid
Posted: 2014/2/25 10:31  Updated: 2014/2/25 10:31
Home away from home
Joined: 2010/2/22
Posts: 928
 Re: Mod suggestion
What I would love in that SC game, which I understand to be an open universe with lots of star systems, is if players were allowed to add their own star systems (after it has been error-checked and maybe reviewed or at least measured to meet certain standards). That way, the SC universe could indeed be virtually endless.

Rather than Total Conversions on private servers, I'd like to see modder's efforts to add up to the SC universe.
Posted: 2014/9/23 17:32  Updated: 2014/9/23 17:32
Just popping in
Joined: 2014/9/23
Posts: 1
 Re: archived mods
Hi ref your email, mambe you did the same as me, after downloading afile that had .flmod after the .zip - You delete the .flmod part then extract the file via winzip or such prog, I spent hours getting really pissed off and did it out off frustration, now ive got dis 483 with spinning planets again, Yepi kiya mofo!