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Plasmafire 6th Release The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2008/10/27 12:02:24 (4263 reads)

The 6th version of the Plasmafire mod is now in beta, and can be downloaded from our homepage (

This version includes even better graphics improvements, as well as new content. But don't expect flyable planets, nuclear weapons, invincible ships or things like that: this mod only expands the already great Freelancer. You are able to to upgrade your ship with different kinds of enhancers, armor yourself with light-, medium-, or heavy armors, try more than 100 new equipments, fly new ships, and explore new hidden secrets. You can also upgrade any ships to be able to mount higher level weapons, and you can also upgrade your internal equipment, such as scanners, power-cores, tractor beams. NPCs are now tougher: they are equipped with shield-busters, better mine droppers, stronger shields, and such. As extra challenge, players are able to do super-missions, which contain many (...)

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Freelancer Black Dawn Update at Dawn The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2008/9/29 3:43:51 (1454 reads)

Freelancer Black Dawn Update at Dawn, this update covers some important topics, which you need to get to speed on!


New/Updated Development Team

The Black Dawn development team has finally received additional personnel with at least Class-IV simulation design skills. Personnel with less than Level-III attendance and, additionally, Class-IV simulation design skills have been terminated. Current personnel include DARK_ANGEL, APOC_SKY, AVENGER, KERRIGOR, WA-LANCER, and WEREDRAGON. They are currently hard at work to provide you, the User, with an enjoyable simulation of highly primitive and violent naval warfare.

UNSC and Covenant Recruitment

As the User can no doubt see (attention: if a User cannot physically see, please see your Resident User Medic), the United Nations Space Command and Covenant recruitment sections are now (...)

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the evil empire revolution is closed The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2008/9/27 17:32:18 (1576 reads)

after 4 or 5 years i cant remember how long i have been runing this server but the evil empire revolution is closed down. after a while i just started to cost too much. not in money wise but alot time and agrivation. with more cheaters than actural players and with the occasional and often power outages you get from living in west new jersey. with server operator programs just out of the blue stop working. this has become a job and not a hobby. so i stoped runing the server. on a brighter i am now playing gibbons Galactica 2.0 mod and it is a work of art from the music the ship detail it is beautiful. here is a small movie i plan to have a better one in high def soon<embed width="448" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" src="Read more

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The new order mod 58.64 - heros of serius The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2008/9/23 4:17:34 (1280 reads)

hello everybody i am hear to announce there is a new order mod available for download 58.64 i call it the heros of serius. basically what this mod is about the nomads and the rebel faction navys are at it again. they are bombarding all major areas of the serius sector. it has gotten so bad president jacobi made an anouncement that freelancer flee liberty, kysari, and rhineland space for the time being. so all new players start at bw1 at the zoners base with a dromdery. they also get 50,000 credits also i have gone thru other order mods and found some useful files. i uped the cruise speed to 650 and uped the equipment to ammo to 70 - thats my web site Read more

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ProcyonHook 1.0 Released The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2008/9/16 9:03:05 (1516 reads)


What is ProcyonHook?

A client-side download that integrates directly with your copy of Freelancer and delivers new features, extended functionality, and enhanced graphics to your Freelancer experience while playing on the 24/7 Procyon Dedicated server. ProcyonHook is not a mod - you will find no capital ships, no TIE Fighters, no nuclear weapons, no cloaking devices, no beam cannons, no bloom, no repair guns, nor any other such nonsense. What you will find is the best possible vanilla Freelancer experience available.

• Graphical Improvements

We've cranked up the game's draw distances for objects and special effects, and have added dynamic lighting to ship headlights, muzzle flashes, and projectile (...)

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Slammers 24/7 server running WTS V 4.16! The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2008/9/1 16:15:28 (1728 reads)

Slammer's 24/7 server is pleased to announce that we have received permission from the Crabtree Cooperation's Network to run version 4.16 of WTS World Mod! ... t/;9196285;/fileinfo.html

We would like to welcome you to try our server. More information and some start tips may be found on our server forums at: . You must use FL Mod (...)

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Freelancer Forge Site The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2008/8/28 1:21:03 (1229 reads)

We are proud to anounce the Freelancer Forge site.

The release of this site is intended to get freelancer developers to host their projects on one place.

This gives the developers of tools and untilities the options to fully manage their projects, track bugs, anounce new versions and host patches and files.

It also is a great place for developers to communicate with each other, to share thoughts and look to each other projects to learn.

For users it is a good place to track projects, to post bugs or to post feature requests on several projects.

We invite every developer of Freelancer tools or utilities to host their projects on the Forge site, as it is ment to run independant from community sites and its free availeble for each and every one who wants to know more about development projects or to anyone who wants to host Freelancer development projects.

The site is not intended (...)

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MU 2.50 Released The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2008/8/26 19:43:46 (1367 reads)

With the Release of the 2.50 mod it is now mandatory to use the DB AutoUpdater program by Lancer Solurus (Special thanks to him for all his hard work and to Tiger for building the MU package)

- More Error Fixing

- Switched to continuous update mode with the auto updater

- Added Behemoth Rheinland heavy freighter

- Added Kurogane Robot battleship

- Added Repair guns able to repair ships in space

- Added docking option to the battleships

- Added storyline events and objects

- "The Gauntlet" event arena construction started

Credits for the Behemoth model go to Mancer

Credits for the Kuogane Robot Battleship go to Xtreme Team studios


{mos_smf_discuss:Front News}

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The "Gauntlet Event Arena" The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2008/8/26 19:41:20 (1137 reads)

[align=center]Open in new window[/align]

The Gauntlet Event Arena will feature a number of new race events and will be a working progress made possible by the autoupdater by Lancer Solurus.

The first of these events which i am working on now is a head to head race up to 14 people will be able to compete at once. They will have to in cruise mode navigate their way through a minefield. There will be some navbuoys to help you find your way but there will also be some obstacles to slow you down such as cruise disruptor turrets, smoke mines, and some other ideas from my sadistic head.

For the future there will be a relay race and aslo a survival of the fitest course where the object (...)

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Guide to editing FX and overriding FX limitations of FL The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2008/8/17 11:35:06 (3174 reads)

This guide is designed to help you understand how freelancer uses .ales and renders them on-screen, so that you may be able to utilise them better. Especially if you're looking to edit/create some new .ales, though that is not covered in this guide. Whether the topics covered here have been covered/found before I do not know and cannot find tutorials based on this anywhere.

When using and modding effects and the way they appear on-screen, there are three main areas to look at:

FIRSTLY the .ale itself.

The heart of the effect, every definition, setting and used textures are specified in the ale itself, the ini's merely set up min+max parameters for freelancer to use. ale's consist of usually 2 or more components, some have only 1. A component of an ale would be (quick description):

Fx***Appearence + Fx***Emitter, the stars being replaced by whatever (...)

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