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January. 20, 2018

Hutt Syndicate vs Corellian Security

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Welcome to The Starport! The Starport is your definitive resource for all things Freelancer game: mods, modding, tips and tricks, it's all in here. Head over to our Wiki if you'd like to delve straight into our continuously expanding database of knowledge, or tune into our forums if you'd prefer asking straight to the pros! Be sure to participate in one of the greatest space-sim communities and let's hope you will, like us, become a fan of the Freelancer game.
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Starting THN The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2008/2/15 7:10:00 (3617 reads)

Starting THN

“What is THN?” You ask. THN is the basic code used to create Menu Screens, Cutscenes and base Scripts. Lets Start with Menu Screens. Decrypted it can be opened with any Text Editor such as Word, or notepad. The Program Availlable to Decrypt files is FLED-Thorn, which can be found in the Downloads section of this site. There is often confusion as to what menu screens are. They are Simply the background to the main FL menu. You can have up to three which will cycle randomly. These are defined by INI files found in the UNIVERSE folder. It is here that background music is also defined, although it is possible to define sounds within the THN.

We will start by looking at the file for the picture on the left. Menu Screen THN Files are always found in C://Program Files\Freelancer\DATA\SCRIPTS\INTRO by default, and are defined by the INI files in C:\Program Files (...)

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Submitting Content, Files and Images The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2008/2/12 18:39:03 (1263 reads)

This little tutorial is here to help people understand how to submit content (News or Tutorials), files (Downloads) and pictures (Images). It'll be split in three sections.

News And Tutorials

When you click on the Submit News/Tutorial button, you will be taken to the submit news page. You will first see a set of rules. Read them carefully, even if you don't fully understand what they are speaking of. All the starred (*) fields need to be filled. Category is the second most important field: it defines whether your content is a news or a tutorial, and of which kind for the latter. Make sure to select the proper one! Full Name is basically the name you want the submission to be published under, with Email being what email should people use to comment the work or reach you.

Then, we have the Title, which is what you will see just about everywhere. Make sure to take a both logical and catchy name, so people (...)

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The Starport has a Domain! The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2008/2/11 21:59:37 (1298 reads)

Thanks to the great generosity of our fellow administrator Cheese on Toast, The Starport now bears brand new domains!

You can access it through: (Primary domain) (Redirection domain)

Additionally, any request to (the old subdomain) automatically point to the new .net domain.


Remember to update your bookmarks!

The Starport Team

{mos_smf_discuss:Front News}

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Improve System Performance = Less Lag. The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2008/2/11 10:02:43 (3170 reads)

Tips to improve Freelancer performance (as well as Windows on the whole)

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New features! The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2008/2/10 21:26:01 (1385 reads)

It took a bit of time, but here they are! The Starport now includes all the following features:

-Fully integrated forums with matching theme (Continuously in progress)

-Customized left menu for increased functionality

-Tutorials with user creation capabilities

-Image Gallery, of course with image submission

-Random image module, reading from the gallery

-Downloads, also with user uploading features

-Chatroom, completely web based

-Brand new domain (Added February 11th)!


We hope you enjoy what we have and remember, if you have suggestions, feel free to tell us!


The Starport Team

{mos_smf_discuss:Front News}

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Drizzt4.0's Ship Creating Tutorial 1.5 The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2008/2/10 17:52:31 (2316 reads)

In order to read this tutorial, please download the PDF here:

Drizzt4.0's Ship Creating Tutorial 1.5

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The Starport Launched! The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2008/2/10 12:16:05 (1336 reads)

It is official: The Starport has launched!

Following the recent events, such as the closing down of the Global Server, and the multiple issues, like the vulnerability found in DirectPlay, that happened in the Freelancer community, we, as a group of admins, developers and players, decided it was time to act. We wanted to have a hub where we could easily and freely group, discuss and help or get helped. This is why we have founded The Starport.

The Starport follows a mentality of "Listen to the community." We want to make sure this site reflects what YOU want. We're here to make sure everything is set for the best of the Freelancer community. Times are rough and it is only united that we will be able to make it through.

We already have mutliple functionalities, the most basic of which being the forums. Feel free to go around and start socializing with us, we're here to get things moving! The heart and soul of this community has to be you, (...)

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