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August. 20, 2019

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[Coding Tutorials] NAIL BOMB / missile chunks
Home away from home
2008/2/9 19:57
From United Kingdom
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NAIL BOMB / missile chunks

The following is written by Firekiss, and has been approved by Firekiss to be posted here on The Starport.

Open in new window

Time: 5 minutes[br /]
Difficulty: Medium[br /]
Required knowledge: weapons[br /]
Files to open: weapon_equip.ini, explosions.ini

This tutorial will show you how to create a missile which carries nails, which will be released upon explosion.

First create a missile (doesn't matter whether it uses ammo or not), or use an existing one. Now we select it's [Explosion] entry, and start working on it. First of all, we need to add the sub-entry, which will refer to the nail mesh (we will make the mesh entry later, in explosions.ini):

innards_debris_object = missile_nail_simple

Yes, we use the debris method.

Now, we must set the properties:[br /]
debris_impulse = 250 <- average speed of nails (same speed format as in-game)[br /]
debris_type = debris_missile, -1 <- leave this alone[br /]
innards_debris_start_time = 0.000000 <- you can delay the nails, recommended for multi-level explosions only (fuses).[br /]
innards_debris_num = 10 <- number of nails[br /]
innards_debris_radius = 10 <- radius of spawn-radius, don't set it much higher!

Now open explosions.ini:

Add the following entries:

[Simple][br /]
nickname = missile_nail_simple[br /]
DA_archetype = solarasteroidsmodelsast_loot_artifact.3db[br /]
material_library = solarast_loot.mat[br /]
surface_hit_effects = 0, gf_continuous_fire[br /]
Mass = 5.000000[br /]
LODranges = 0, 1500[br /]
[br /]
[Debris][br /]
nickname = debris_missile[br /]
death_method = exploding[br /]
lifetime = 0, 0.1[br /]
linear_drag = 0.500000[br /]
angular_drag = 0.100000, 0.100000, 0.100000[br /]
I think the sub-entries are self-explaining, so I don't post additional info. I hope you now understand how they work, now try to create an explosion which will include the exploded missile chunks.

NOTE: the nails will simply pass through the ship which fired the nail-missile (I don't like it but it's an engine built-in thing).

Posted on: 2008/5/26 20:17