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October. 24, 2020

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Problem: Cruise Jump Drive
Not too shy to talk
2010/3/13 20:29
From Victoria, Canada
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Posts: 69
Hey folks,

A couple of us are starting work on a new mod called Freelancer Exodus. In Exodus, there's no trade lanes, since it takes place in a different sector altogether. So we decided we'd build a "jump drive" using the cruise engine.

Now, we want to do it up so we can fire up the engine, the weapons power will drain to zero over a few seconds, and then the drive will cut out and drop you back to impulse. So I started working on it, but I've had no luck in getting it to work.

I've tried using cruise_power_drain = 375 to cause a 1500 unit power plant to drain over four seconds, but the power drains while charging and the ship will just stutter at high speeds instead of dropping out of cruise like we're trying to have it do. This is kind of problematic, as we don't want to have unlimited-time drives that run at 3000 m/s available on a multiplayer server because it's easily abusable. We also don't want to use FLHook, because then the drive won't work in OpenSP.

Does anyone have any idea what to do to get this working the way we want it to?


Posted on: 2010/4/18 3:36
FLHook programmer
Re: Problem: Cruise Jump Drive
Quite a regular
2009/1/14 3:12
Registered Users
Posts: 144
I can think of one,

Find your powersupplys rechage amount, And then add it to the powerdrain.

But i forsee troubles with it also, Is that a constaint powerdrain for all ships, or is it for EACH seperate drive. If it is for EACH seperate drive it might work for you.

Posted on: 2010/4/18 4:56
Eve-online in a Freelancer world.
Re: Problem: Cruise Jump Drive
Home away from home
2009/8/16 2:58
From Qld, Aus.
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Posts: 1958
FL Hack has Hypercruise for single player usage, which I think does what you want. Should be able to adapt it for multiplayer and disable the normal cruise.

Posted on: 2010/4/18 6:06