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December. 11, 2019

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Weapon mod idea : FXs of particle weapon.
Just can't stay away
2010/6/13 10:58
From France
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I've an idea of making a particle weapon mod.

It will make more distinction between particle such as proton and electron.

I don't understand why Freelancer creators made a special distinction of particle weapons because they have created, neutron, tachyon, photon,... They are all particle weapons.

So here are my thoughts about artistic representation of, especially, electron, neutron and proton weapons.

The color of these different tech :

For the color I use this software : Wien law

Conventional particle weapons :

Electron (E) : It should be blue for the most powerful electron weapon and the most powerless weapon should be on 6500K color temperature.

Proton (P) : It should be red for the most powerful (PF) and 4500K color temperature for the most powerless (PL).

Neutron (N) : PF : Green ; PL : 5500K

Hybrid particle weapons :

Electron/Proton (50/50) : PF : Magenta ; PL : No color temperature but it could be possible to use the most "desaturated" color.

Proton/Neutron (50/50) : PF : Yellow ; PL : 5000K

Electron/Neutron (50/50) : PF : Cyan ; PL : 6000K

FX apparence :

Fighter chassis :

E : beam : conventional beam with little lightning outgoing from the center of the beam ; blast/bolt : As bretonia capital ships particle canons.

P : beam : as following
outside: -----^-----^-----
Inside : =========

blast/bolt : As Freelancer powerless particle canons FX.

N : beam : conventional beam with outside Freelancer's neutron wave : like this :

blast/bolt : Freelancer's FX make absolute sense except for torus, it's for capital ship neutron weapons.

E/N : Beam : Mix with E and N beam
Blast/bolt : Same as above.

E/P : Beam : Mix with E and P beam
Blast/bolt : same as above

P/N : Beam : Mix with P and N beam
Blast/bolt : same as above

Capital ship chassis :

For N : add torus

For P : add stars

For E : add electric stars

For hybrids : mix the couples E/N ; E/P ; N/P.

What do you think? Did you understand well?

Posted on: 2016/10/30 12:29