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May. 31, 2020

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===Starworlds Disco Server USA===
Not too shy to talk
2008/2/14 16:12
Registered Users
FLServer Admins
Posts: 85
SERVER NAME = ===Starworlds Disco Server USA===
SERVER IP = -s198.12.66.14:2302

Welcome to this 24/7 server

- Restarts
- 5Mill start up
- 999Mill Clan bonus (3 players min)
- Base creation welcome to all and where ever you like
- Dedicated Professionally paid server
- Non harsh admin's (But will act if serious)
- New restarts available on request
- Server hook modifications available on request and voted on forum
- Currently hosting 100 player slots but will increase when it is needed (Can Support 200)
- Banning players is a absolute last resort
- <SW> or <SWR> tagged players = server police
- Halfed Base Build Price
- Halfed Base Build Items
- No Tec Compat = Use what ever equip you want on your ship as long as it can fit it!
- Old use of RP sytem and ID's (Check our forums its very simple and easy to follow by and understand)
- Fast Base Build! Buy the Building Ship + 500 H-fuel to get your station or station's started quickly!
- Base Builder Restart! Everything you need to build a base straight away! Launching from New York just type /restart basebuilder
- Starworlds has its own dedicated Team Speak 3 server and we like to suggest players use it to get more involved with people [Once again all languages welcome]

We do not tolerate cheaters

Server games will be starting from Thursday 25th October @ 9pm GMT time - You can win up to 500mill on each game and just for turning up you will recive 30mill [This is a great way to start off your chars!]

We have now been running a few months and we have proven our worth staying up

We also have a fast response to anything in our forums so we hope we can answer questions and help you as much as possible

We hope we can provide a place for you all to play happily

[ANY INFO ON BELOW POSTS HAVE BEEN UPDATED ON THIS FIRST POST] is not just a Forum, its a great gaming community

We are happy to announce, after 5 months of server testing for stability (about 99% uptime) and ping tests ect we have now added the origin to the disco server to be USA, We now have a Base builder restart included so you can get your first base located from New York and take it anywhere on the server, players have taken to the tagging RP system very well to allow players to play the server with out the need of playing RP and with most things reduced by half we are starting to get some very happy regular players on server

We would like to invite you all to come and join us on server and forums (which are more then Freelancer and do more then just the server board) and experience Discovery in a new and fun way!

We can now support 200 players on our server but have limited it to 100 to not seem like we are pushing for the big server!

Admin dont generally mess with the players we keep in the shadows and keep out of sight so you dont feel like your being watched

We do not kick multi chars nor do we have a problem with it, We also have no problems with players leaving chars online to clock up time or what not, all we ask is you put your self in a base.

We allow graphic mods that do not crash the server (please check disco forums for approved mods)

All languages and country's are welcome, main server language is English but we do not complain about other country's speaking to each other in native tounge, our rules are simple and quick to read so please check them out!

We hope on the majority of the American players out there would at some point like to call us a good port of call and we would be happy to see everybody!

We are looking for server and forum moderators so please apply @

Posted on: 2012/11/12 5:23