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August. 11, 2022
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Re: Trent the monkey king mod?
Not too shy to talk
2009/7/21 11:33
From Copenhagen, Denmark
Registered Users
Posts: 92
Great to see some feedback

i have a few questions i hope you will answer for me

Wow, have you allready completed the entire storyline?

When you say the "Gameplay isnt that fun" what do you mean exactly? What specificly didnt you like?

thx for the feedback

Posted on: 2009/9/17 9:03
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Re: Trent the monkey king mod?
Not too shy to talk
2009/7/21 11:33
From Copenhagen, Denmark
Registered Users
Posts: 92
Yeap im pretty proud of it myself too

Some facts about "Trent the monkey king Mission 14 mod":

It "only" took about 1000 hours of modding to finish

You can get it here: ... onkey-King-Mission-14-Mod

If you have any problems or questions the official forum for the mod is located here:

Original mod pitch:

Rasauul brings you the perhaps toughest challenge in FL mod history...........

"Trent the Monkey King Mission 14 mod"
(yeah i know its a long name )

New mission 14, plus prequel added , plus old storyline pimped.
This is for the Freelancer who wants a challenge.
Mod adds a new UI, realistic sized planet with spin, new dogfight features, and a host of new gameplay changes.

The first mod with a follow up to the old storyline it also ups the gameplay difficulty.

- Storyline Missions will be much harder, and for some novice players impossible. You have been warned!
- DO NOT expect to have an easy time for this mod is for those who want a challenge in SP.
- EVEN HARDER THAN THE BigDaddy StoryLine v1.25!!!!
- This mod should work with both original and SDK install, dont know about trial since i havent tried it.

Heres some info on other changes in this mod:
Alternate Story-thns
Semi transparent slimline nav map
New slimline UI
Spinning realistic size planets in most systems
Non "grid" planetary setup

Dogfighting features:
New realistic/faster projectile speeds and damage
Faster paced combat
Alternate Slerp and Ship handling
Changed crosshair behaviour
higher speeds and maneuverability
More realistic a.k.a higher collision damage

Text n' menus:
Lots of new text
New menu names
New fonts

New background and cruise sounds
Some new music

Easy landing to disable "Drunk driving" when landing
New better pilots added
Better autopilot skill when cruising

Items n ships:
Added modified nomad powercore
Different ships compiled from several mods
New storyline player ships

For "BigDaddy StoryLine 1.25"
(Inspiration and humor in text, plus a great storyline upgrade)
(several great scripts)
(Mod base)
by FlyByU ([email protected])

For "Freeport 7 Cinematic Mod"
(Alternate Nomad battleship OPEN SP intro)
By Coolbeano

For "Star Trek Sound MOD v1.0"
(great UI sounds)
by Admiral James T. Kirk

For "Rebalance Char Editor"
(script and accessories for player customization)
By Michael Dan

For "Alien sampler"
(Alien heads for player customization)
By KYJellyFish

for "1001 BEFORE FP7"
(this Prequel is so nice, decided to implement it right off)
(+ this helped me get started with storylining)
By 1001

For "Shrouded Worlds 9.01: Sirius - Beyond The Revenge"
(This was my favorite mod and what got me into modding)
(most of the ships including the Katana, what a great ride)
by Chili
credit goes to Hummel, El Stupido, Byros, Arte, Xanas, OLDMAN, Dwork
and everyone in NiMa Community. (

For "Discovery Freelancer Mod v4.84"
(OPTIONS, this helped make Storyline and open SP work)
(the DLL making it possible to dock at 19k, hated 10k docking)
(Several ships, especially the Nephtys)
by Igiss ([email protected])

For Help
Ruppetthemuppet ([email protected])
Author of cold THNs among others

For "Flak 88 mod"
(menu THNs)
By 'fox' Unit 01

for "AnubisFSMod"
(Spicing up the Anubis)
(for Humor, see the read me
by Kasdia ([email protected])

For "Psionic Ship Pack 1.1"
(i used the Psionic aka the Warblade for "Tobias old racer"
by Gibbon & Psionic

For "Crossfire 1.70"
(low cut sexy Juni)

For "FLMM"
Matthew "IGx89" Lieder

For lots of tutorials and ErrorChecker!

For lots of tutorials

And a big THX to all the other many tutorial- and tool writers out there.

Rasauul. ([email protected])

Posted on: 2009/9/16 13:21
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