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November. 21, 2019
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Re: Adding glowmaps to models
Not too shy to talk
2011/11/7 5:57
Registered Users
Posts: 52
After the mission where you snatch the proteos tomb (sp..) and blow up Tekagi... I've always wanted to make Trent's eyes glow similar to the shade of color on the ships I've cloned, retextured and added (not replacing originals) to game.. I'm not very good with .thn's or .ale's which is how Tekagi's eye, head and hands generate the effects during the Cutscene.

Since I'm no good at editting the arrays of long numbers, I was hoping I might be able to accomplish something similar with the pi_pirate5_head.dfm that trent's character uses. I noticed there is already a glow map for the eyes, but no bright colors in it.. just looks like a black 32x32 image (mip0). After changing it to a color similar to my ships, I recompiled the dfm with Freelancer XML Project.. same way I extracted the necessary images by bulk.

After that failed to glow, I confirmed in UTF that the images did update in the texture library. Also confirmed the int array for Material Library\eyetealblue\Et_flags looks like:

Also string value for Material Library\eyetealblue\Et_name was already pointing to the tga reference in Texture Libraries that holds all the mip maps. Also confirmed, since there isn't an Ec_??? in the file, that Material Library\eyetealblue\Type is: DcDtEt.

Still failed in both cutscenes and just normal character walking between bar/equipment room/ship dealer, etc.. So I tried to apply a 60% opacity to Trent's eyes, hoping the glow might shine through, but still nothing..

Can this method be done to the .dfm? or do I need to do it through the .thn's using .ale references? Is it possible to place a hardpoint or "mount" a light in the head's skull that would illuminate the desired color I'm looking for and shine through the, now, semi-transparent eyeballs? Also willing to try any other ideas to accomplish this feat other than manually editting .ale's and .thn's in notepad..

Posted on: 2011/11/7 23:56
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Is there a way to incorporate jumpgate and trade lane?
Not too shy to talk
2011/11/7 5:57
Registered Users
Posts: 52
I just recently created a new trade lane in New York system just farting around trying to learn new things... noticing trade lanes have specially properties that shield certain things (such as asteroids and debris), I was curious if a trade lane could pass through objects. I blew up in Manhattan, but that could be because the trade lane accidentally ended inside the planet's sphere instead of on the other side... regardless, I was able to pass through the star in the center of the system. I noticed I did take hull damage, but managed to survive w/ the speed of the trade lane. Also concerned that trade lane would be interrupted when I'm near or in the star, I changed the star's values to have no death zone..

Sorry, getting off topic...

What I want to do is have the trade lane at 0,0,0 (center of the star) initialize a jump. Was wondering if changing "Behavior = NOTHING" to "Behavior = Li01_to_Ew07" would allow this to happen... but before I try that, I need to know a way to have "Ew07_to_Li01" automatically engage to the trade lane so you don't jump into the system in the middle of the star..

Is this possible?

Posted on: 2011/11/7 9:04
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Re: Seeking Help
Not too shy to talk
2011/11/7 5:57
Registered Users
Posts: 52
In addition to UTF editor, which is awesome for importing/exporting dds and tga files, you may eventually find yourself wanting to change things that don't have a mat file, but instead have the textures loaded in the .cmp file itself. For this, I suggest "Freelancer XML Project" which will allow you to basically decompress the files you want to tinker with, spitting out xml files (can also extract images and audio clips from files by checking the options in the program).

Example: I wanted to create new thumbnail icons for ship vendor for my new ships... I got the images taken of the ships, put them in 64x64, but could not find the .mat files associated. After decompressing the .3db file, I opened the .xml output and found the image the .3db used. Selecting "extract images" from the XML Project program, I was able to extract and replace the image. After a little editing of the .xml file, I was ready to recompile/compress the contents back into a .3db file with a new name (all values in .xml changed as well as image name changed). After compiling the .3db back together, I now have my icon thumbnails for my added ships..

FreelancerXMLProject has been very useful for much more than just texturing as well.. but just covering where you're starting..

Also, if you do adjust your textures to allow transparency, system light color does not alter the appearance of your ship as greatly as if it were solid w/ no transparency.

Posted on: 2011/11/7 8:54
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Re: Texturing help?
Not too shy to talk
2011/11/7 5:57
Registered Users
Posts: 52

Hidamari wrote:
2. How do i also do transparency?
i only know that PNG has transparency as part of it?

Saw this covered on page one, in a different way... The previous method mentioned is what you want to do in order to make specific sections of the ship transparent by using alpha channels. This method I used actually makes the entire texture semi-transparent. Also, I used photoshop, so these instructions will be for photoshop.

1) Start with the image you want to make transparent, copy and paste to a new template w/ a transparent background.

2) Before you paste your image into this new window, add a new layer. This should give you two layers, both empty and the workspace should still be transparent.

3) Paste the image into the top layer, leaving the bottom layer empty.

4) Select the area you want to make transparent, change opacity to desired level (I used 60%) and with the area still selected, right click and "save selection". You will have to name the selection... I typically go w/ trans or transparency to make it easy in identifying the selection for the next step.

5) After saving selection, you have to tie it to the image still. Go to the "Select" menu and then "Load Selection". This is where you select the name of the selection you saved in step 4. (Note: You should still have the image selected while doing this, it may work without selecting it, but as I stick with what works, I never de-selected my image till I was ready to save.)

6) After loading the selection, check the channels tab to make sure your selection is below the RGB channels.

7) Save as 32 bit TGA file.

When importing a tga into a mat or txm file, you may have to delete the MIPS node and add a MIP0 node that you will import the TGA file to. MIPS is for DDS files, TGA files use a MIP# system where 0 is the largest image and 8 is typically the smallest. It's not necessary to load up all 8 mipmaps, I've always been able to get away with just MIP0. The last thing to mention about working with TGA's is if it was a DDS extracted from a mat or txm file, you will need to flip the image vertically otherwise the mapping will be messed up.

You can also map textures to the glass/cockpit window if you want.. of course, you will need to make an image for the glass to be mapped to.

1) Using UTF editor, open the .mat file for the ship and in texture, add a node and name it whatever... for this example, I'll use "sp_glass".

2) Once you have the node for "sp_glass", you need to make a node under it for the MIPS or MIP0 (dds vs tga) and import the image.

3) Under Material library, you should also have a glass node there. Just to be thorough, I actually named this "sp_glass" as well.

The default for glass has the following nodes:
Type: DcDtOcOt
Dc: stores RGB? values for color of glass, the ? represents a value I have not figured out what it does, these values are also displayed on individual lines, so Red value is first line, Green value is second line, Blue value is third line... mystery value is fourth line. (These values can be found in "int array" of "Interpret data as..." section)
Oc: Never touched this when recoloring glass.. don't know what this value is, possibly the level of transparency?

You need to remove these nodes and create the following nodes:
Type: (String Value = DcDt)
Dt_name: (String Value = name of your image to map to glass)
Dt_flags: Not entirely sure what this does, I just copied the @ in string value that seems consistent with all the other mapped nodes.

Now your sp_glass in material_library should point to your dds/tga MIPS/MIP0 in the texture library for sp_glass. As long as they're linked correctly, your glass will now be textured. You can follow the above process to make the textured glass semi-transparent.

Also should point out that if you do decide to make the entire ship transparent to any degree, you may want to change the value for pilot in the shiparch.ini.. I just dropped the 's' and changed mine to:
DA_archetype = equipment\models\pilot\hip_pilot.3db

This causes the game to not render a pilot... otherwise you would see a non-transarent pilot... unless you wanted to also make the pilot semi-transparent, in which case I'd use a lower opacity than the rest of the texture files..

Posted on: 2011/11/7 8:29
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Re: Need help with custom planet rings
Not too shy to talk
2011/11/7 5:57
Registered Users
Posts: 52
sweet, tyvm... I was getting there... found both the first two to manipulate the width and radius of the rings, last one manipulated the height or volume of the rings...

Posted on: 2011/11/7 7:40
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Need help with custom planet rings
Not too shy to talk
2011/11/7 5:57
Registered Users
Posts: 52
Trying to put rings around a planet, grabbing source from Planet Aso, but because my planet is smaller than Aso, the rings look like they belong to a much larger planet and I want to bring them in closer..

I've copied the Aso.ini file to Eden.ini (name of my planet) and been working with that instead of altering Aso's rings. Also in the shapes.ini, I thought the x,y,w,h values may have been related to the size of the rings, but the look to be more related to the appearance and color.. so, I return back to eden.ini.

shape = ring3
detail_shape = ringdetail
detail_tile = 25, 5
color = 255, 255, 255
opacity = 0.700000
thickness_edge = 0.900000
outer_edge = 0.300000
inner_edge = 0.100000
num_segments = 64
transition_dist = 100

max_distance = 400
puff_count = 40
puff_radius = 100
puff_colora = 175, 150, 255
puff_colorb = 200, 200, 255
puff_max_alpha = 0.750000
puff_shape = rock_wisp1
puff_shape = rock_wisp2
puff_shape = rock_wisp3
puff_shape = rock_wisp4
puff_weights = 3, 1, 1, 1
puff_drift = 1.000000
near_fade_distance = 175, 300

I don't understand why the color of the rings is set to white in this ini file, but changing the shape to a different ring set will actually change the colors of the ring (but not the size). Detail tile looks more like how the rings are compiled with tiled images, and that completes the exterior portion.

I tried changing max_distance but it does not seem to have an effect, neither does puff_radius... so I go back to the file for the system... Ew07.ini..

nickname = Zone_Ew07_Eden_ring
pos = -11228, 2000, 9663
rotate = 21, -31, -20
shape = ring
size = 8000, 6000, 250
sort = 99.500000

now, if I play with pos, that changes the location of the rings, of course... rotate will adjust it's pitch/angle... size is the only thing I can think is valid, it was first 12000, 8000, 250... if I go to 6000, 6000, 250; I don't get any rings at all... but I don't seem to notice a difference between 12000, 8000, 250 and 8000, 6000, 250... going to keep playing with this, and will update thread if I figure it out... but after a few hours of failed trial and error, I thought I'd see if someone has encountered this and knows how to work with it?

Posted on: 2011/11/7 7:01
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Re: A certain weapon >-<
Not too shy to talk
2011/11/7 5:57
Registered Users
Posts: 52
To find weapons for my mod, I used hardCMP to find the model I liked. After that I used different options to assign the effects in the weapon_equip.ini..

Ammo: one_shot_sound (firing sound), munition_hit_effect (impact effect on target when hit) and const_effect (the effect of the particle/beam as it's traveling)

Gun: flash_particle_name (muzzle effect)

Personally, I used nomad effects on the br_slugger_launcher, retextured as another file to another texture file (so all mods are actually add-ons rather than editting files like had to be done with several ini files.

nickname = special_gun16_ammo
hp_type = hp_gun
requires_ammo = false
hit_pts = 20
hull_damage = 512
energy_damage = 512
one_shot_sound = fire_pulse5
munition_hit_effect = pi_neutron_04_impact
const_effect = no_gun01_rank01_proj
lifetime = 1.200000
force_gun_ori = false
mass = 1
volume = 0.000100

nickname = special_gun16
ids_name = 263143
ids_info = 264143
DA_archetype = equipment\models\weapons\sp_slugger_launcher.cmp
material_library = equipment\models\sp_equip.mat
HP_child = HPConnect
hit_pts = 67520
explosion_resistance = 1.000000
debris_type = debris_normal
parent_impulse = 20
child_impulse = 80
volume = 0.000000
mass = 10
hp_gun_type = hp_gun_special_1
damage_per_fire = 0
power_usage = 23.399994
refire_delay = 0.100000
muzzle_velocity = 900
use_animation = Sc_fire
toughness = 23.500000
flash_particle_name = ci_tachyon_04_flash
flash_radius = 15
light_anim = l_gun01_flash
projectile_archetype = special_gun16_ammo
separation_explosion = sever_debris
auto_turret = false
turn_rate = 90
lootable = true
LODranges = 0, 20, 60, 100

This gives me a br_slugger_launcher missle launcher (without the missles) as my gun, the muzzle effect is a tachyon based effect, the firing sound is a pulse laser, the beam looks like a nomad laser, but the impact looks like a neutron weapon.

Posted on: 2011/11/7 6:26
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