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March. 3, 2021
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Re: Raise your voices!

2017/5/22 3:10
From wonderlxnd
Registered Users
Posts: 33
Wow, someone's alive there ;p
Schmackbolzen, hello! PMs there are extremely uncomofortable compared with any instant messaging service at least because of feedback delay.
Of course new graphic framework is not the only thing that FL needs to be revived, there should be a complex solution that includes advantages in all directions.
We have to start with something, so are you up to test a model on your stuff when i'll be done with it and its textures?
If yes, tell me something about maps we can use to properly prepare it for export.

Posted on: 2017/5/30 16:29
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Raise your voices!

2017/5/22 3:10
From wonderlxnd
Registered Users
Posts: 33
Sup guys.
Hot and serious speech is going to be. And something special at the end.

But first of all have to say who am i. Most of you know me well actually - i am Nova, quite scandalous person in FL community some years ago, especially russian one.
Creator of such things:
There was much more, some of it you already seen here long time ago, but i've lost everything due to time issues.

But it does not matter at all in the face of almost ended Freelancer epoch. As well as your personal projects of any type - from having some fun with vanilla bases (sup Jeider) to OpenGL implementations and other heavy coding.
We all have to deal with it.

But dealing does not mean throwing. I came here to attempt changing your mind about this situaton.

Time without FL allowed me to make an impartial look on a game. Last year i slowly worked on documentation of mod that is free from any personal wishes including mine, and offer a conglomerate of obejectively best changes to expand potential of Freelancer in every way united by a sequel to vanilla storyline. They are result of heavy personal and discussion analytics of existing mods, potential of vanilla FL and community possibilities. Huge tables, fat docs, concepts, etc. Also building it in another engine is a discussable thing, but i see light in Shmack's OpenGL project or Librelancer. I've tried to find their contacts to personally speak about these things, but they left none.

I'll try to show docs as soon as possible for a community discussion - i think it will take 2 or 3 more weeks for me not to be shy to show them; last hope is that community can unite and create something that could be called a new life of FL.
Ever after i will publish them, i urge you all too to make your own FL projects an open-source. We have nothing to hide now and any stuff can make FL breathe again. You know that perfect things are result of teamwork - someone is good at programming, someone at 3D, someone at drawing and writing, designing, etc; so i believe that community can be a perfect team.

I didn't come with empty hands now too and have some epic gift for you in the prospect of the changes.
Here is a demo with most of elements clickable. Not every single page is done but there's all material you need to complete it in a very short time.
Links do not work, of course, but there's a script to show the pages:
- 5 main buttons work as they should
- to see user profile page, click on "Nova" at the header
- to see how it looks being edited, click on "Edit profile" at the header
- to see downloads category content, click on any of them
- full donload item content shows by clicking on item name on that page
- to see forum category example, click on "front news" category
- to see how topic content looks like, click on "XFire Group Chat" topic there; also there is another part of my message
- private messaging displayed by clicking on "Inbox" at the header aswell, and click on subject of first message to browse it
I suppose Starport crew may find a use for these files. I did my best and attempted to fit it in existing logics and style to avoid losing any data, major reprogramming and breaking users habits. Еverything is absolutely handmade and no templates or frameworks used.
Feel free to use it as you wish.

Posted on: 2017/5/28 15:04
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Re: 3D Model Showroom

2017/5/22 3:10
From wonderlxnd
Registered Users
Posts: 33
Wazzup guys

Open in new window

Open in new window

Posted on: 2017/5/22 3:29
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