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Router is Denying Connections

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Category: Technical Database

Symptoms: In rare circumstances, a router may block both incoming and outcoming connections for Freelancer. Unable to connect with or even see servers.

Cause: Modern routers offer basic firewall capabilities, such as blocking incoming and outcoming requests for and from computers within the network in order to provide better security. However, in doing this, they may block legitimate programs from accessing the Internet.

Solution(s): Each router has its own configuration screen. For more specific information, please look in your router's manual. Things to look for would be "port blocking" or "port forwarding". In a last ditch, you can also try looking for "DMZ Host", but this last step should be considered as a desperate attempt as it is risky to use.

A few additional notes:

  • The ports to unlock are as follows:
ConnectionPorts for Client ConfigurationPorts for Host Configuration
Initial UDP Connection6073 Outbound6073 Inbound
Subsequent UDP Inbound2302-24002302-2400
Subsequent UDP Outbound2302-24002302-2400
  • Depending on the granularity of your router, you may not be able to restrict your ports as precisely as is detailed here. As long as the ports listed here are unlocked, it should work. Make sure the ports are unlocked for UDP, not TCP.
  • You may need your computer's local IP address to fix the problem (depending on what your router's manual dictates). To easily find this address, hit Start, then Execute. In the dialog box, type "cmd". A command prompt will open up. In this prompt, type "ipconfig". You should see a list of network adapters, one of which will be the one you use to connect to the Internet and to your network. Look for "IPv4 Address"; in 99% of the cases, it should start with "192.168". That is your local IP address.
  • This step is mostly important for people attempting to set up a server on their machine. You will most likely NEED to forward all the ports that Freelancer needs to your hosting PC in order to have other players be able to access your server from the Internet.

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