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October. 24, 2020
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Enigma V.4 ATG

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Enigma V.4 ATG

Image: no-pic.png Enigma V.4 ATG is a ALL-GERMAN Freelancer-mod and takes place a few years after the main story. The concept of this project is to keep Freelancer alive and kicking with multiple new features and well balanced possibilities like repair- and mining-guns, cloaking, armor-upgrades, FTL-jumps and other FLHook-based tweaks. It also adds new ships, weapons, commodities, equipment and systems. Several new aspects like upgradeable ship-capabilities and crafting of unique items are implemented aswell as a lot of special-events and other "never seen before" features.
Style: Gameplay-enhancing, content-centered Addon Mod
Single/Multiplayer: Online Multiplayer-only
Mod Homepage: ENIGMA V.4 ATG (german)
Mod Download: Get the latest Client-Package
Mod Profile: Starport Forum

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