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August. 16, 2022
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Randommissions Tutorial

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Most bases in Freelancer offer missions to the pilots. This quick guide contains some information on how they are assembled.


The factions you can choose from are defined in faction_prop.ini The relations between the factions(hostile/neutral/friendly) is set in initialworld.ini


Who offers missions(as in which faction) on which base is defined in mbases.ini. Note: The offering faction can be different from the base owner. The difficulty of the mission is set here. For more information on the difficulty setting see this thread


Which ships you encounter is defined in npcships.ini. It is important that the randomed factions have ships to satisfy the difficulty requirement that was set when the mission was generated.

Mission Types

Which faction offers which missions(e.g. destroy station) against which other faction is defined in Vignetteparams.ini.


The system ini defines the location and size of possible mission zones, so called vignettes. Each vignette may restrict the missions to (un)lawful enemies. Each base offers missions to vignettes within a certain radius set in content.dll. Which enemy faction of the offerer is part of the mission is again determined randomly from the list of factions that may spawn inside the mission area?, eg. in patrol paths? and population zones.

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