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This file defines all npc ships you might encounter in Freelancer.


There is no particular order for the sections or the parameters inside them. However each parameter should only be used once per section, since only the last value will be used by Freelancer.


This entry defines a NPC ship.

nickname = STRING
level = STRING
ship_archetype = STRING
loadout = STRING
pilot = STRING
state_graph = STRING

Parameter Information
nickname See the nickname page for more information.
level Range: d1 to d25?(vanilla only uses up to d19!)

Sets the level of the NPC. The greater the level is, the stronger will the NPC be.

ship The STRING is the nickname of the ship from ships/shiparch.ini that the NPC will fly.
loadout The STRING is the nickname of the loadout from ships/loadouts.ini that will get equipped to the ship.
pilot The STRING is the nickname of the pilot from missions/pilots_population.ini that the NPC will use.
state_graph Sets the flight behaviour. Possible values are FIGHTER, GUNBOAT, CRUISER and TRANSPORT
  • The first string is about the legality of the NPC, possible values are unlawful and lawful
  • The second string sets the ship class
  • the following strings set which mission difficulties the NPC will satisfy. So if the NPC is valid for d1, d2, and d3; it will be used in missions with a difficulty of less than four. For higher difficulties, another NPC will be selected.

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