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The purpose of IGraphs is not fully known. Their main usage is found in LightSource sections, where the atten_curve is defined as DYNAMIC_DIRECTION, one of the vanilla IGraphs.


IGraph Section

nickname = STRING
type = STRING
point = INT, FLOAT ; repeatable

Parameter Information
nickname See the nickname page for more information.
type Can either be FLOAT or COLOR. For the former, each point is a decimal value. For the latter, it is a large negative integer.
point Subvalues: ID, VALUE.

Sets a point in the IGraph. ID is an integer that's incremented by 1 for each new value and starts at 1 in most cases (starts at 0 for one). VALUE can be a floating point value for FLOAT type, a large negative integer for COLOR type. It is possible the latter is a color stored in an unknown format.

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