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MDB:faction prop.ini

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Parent folder (Missions)


This file describes the factions you encounter in Freelancer.


There is no particular order for the parameters inside the sections.

FactionProps Section

-Note: All name parameters define a range of ids, so the values are the first and the last entry of the list.


affiliation = STRING
legality = STRING
nickname_plurality = STRING
msg_id_prefix = STRING
jump_preference = STRING
npc_ship = STRING ;repeatable
voice = STRING ;repeatable
mc_costume = STRING
space_costume = STRING, STRING, ... ;repeatable
firstname_male = INT, INT
firstname_female = INT, INT ;optional
lastname = INT, INT
rank_desig = INT, INT, ...
formation_desig = INT, INT
large_ship_desig = INT ;optional
large_ship_names = INT, INT ;optional
scan_for_cargo = STRING, INT ;optional
scan_announce = BOOL ;optional
scan_chance = FLOAT ;optional
formation = STRING, STRING

Parameter Information
affiliation The nickname of the faction, that is defined below
legality Self explaining. Possible values are lawful and unlawful. This is used by the density restriction system in the system .inis
nickname_plurality Unknown.
msg_id_prefix When npcs talk about a faction the use this value to search for the correct sound files.
jump_preference Self explaining. Possible values are jumpgate, jumphole or any.
npc_ship Lists all ships from MISSIONS\npcships.ini that can be generated for this faction.
voice Lists all different speakers that you hear when they chat with you.
mc_costume The costume used by the mission commission in missions for the faction.
space_costume When the faction communicates you you will see a picture of the npc. This parameter lists all possible looks for this faction.
firstname_male Lists all male names for this faction.
firstname_female Lists all female names for this faction.
lastname Lists all lastnames for this faction. When an npc is spawned, a firstname and a lastname will be chosen randomly.
rank_desig Lists all ranks for this faction. The last integers define the level breakpoints for the npcs, e. g. all NPCs below the first level breakpoint will have the first rank, etc.
formation_desig Lists all possible formation designators for this faction, like Omega, Epsilon, etc.
large_ship_desig Prefix for the names of large ships
large_ship_names Lists all possible names for large ships of faction.
scan_for_cargo Lists the commodites the faction looks for. I do not know what the integer does, perhaps a priority.
scan_announce Will the npcs warn you before they scan your cargo.
scan_chance Range: 0 to 1

Sets how often they will perform a cargo scan. At 1 they will scan you every time.

formation Sets the formation from MISSIONS\formations.ini for each ship type.

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