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Getting online in Windows Vista/7

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Windows Vista or Windows 7 can be a lot of hassle to get working online. Before looking any further, please be sure you have installed and configured a multiplayer connection method.

If, even with this, you still are encountering issues, read below for a list of the most common connection issues.

Notice: It is possible that you may be able to run Freelancer on Windows Vista or Windows 7 without following all of the recommendations below. This is why proper debugging is always important: only do what is needed to be done to get the game running, reverting all other changes you might have done. It is also possible that some solutions make your problem worse, in which case you should revert all changes done.


Freelancer is not Running with Compatibility Mode/Administrator Access

See specific page.

Windows is not Updated

See specific page. Issue is relevant to Windows Vista only.

Firewall is Denying Connections

See specific page.

Router is Denying Connections

See specific page.

Antivirus is Denying Connections

See specific page.

Internet Protocol Version 6 is Activated

See specific page.

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