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Crash Offsets

From The Starport

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This wiki page attempts to collate the offsets found in this thread into a single, searchable database.


Finding Your Crash Offset

In order to get the offset from a crash:

  • Press Win+R, enter 'eventvwr.msc' and hit okay.
  • Go to Windows Logs, then Application Logs and search for your crash.
  • Under the 'general' tab, note the faulting module name (i.e. common.dll) and the fault offset (i.e. 0x000d21eb).


File Offset Found by Description
common.dll af690 adoxaINI_Reader constructor; problem with normal FLHook (uses 1024 bytes of data, but 5480 bytes are required; plugin version uses 8192).
common.dll 5e010 adoxaPart of function Fuse::UnBurn, if that helps
common.dll e3f9d adoxaMemory allocation failure.
common.dll f24a0 adoxaDeliberate segfault (presumably a "this should never happen" scenario).
common.dll 103141 HuorRelated to PhySys::PhyCollisionStateManager::enable_collisions.
common.dll 603d6HeIIoweenOriginates from from IObjInspectImpl::is_targetable: something that shouldn't have been targeted has been targeted.
common.dll 10deaAlexGood missing equipment line.
common.dll 91f38HeIIoweenship_archetype = <blank> in players file
common.dll 5be63 Lord of the HellMissing exclusion zone, but is called in asteroid/nebula file - look to FlSpew.txt for zone nickname
common.dll 25cc9 Lord of the HellBad surface file
common.dll 62555Gold_SearOccurs when docking with a tradelane that has neither a prev_ring nor a next_ring entry
common.dll f20e3Cpt_Rei_FukaiBad thruster model
common.dll c22feCpt_Rei_FukaiOccurs when you try to load a save game that contains a reputation to a faction that doesn't exist in initialworld.ini
common.dll aa91a.Cpt_Rei_FukaiOccurs when you try to buy a ship which contains an invalid item in its package. E.g the nickname of the engine does not exist.
common.dll 4aa02.CellulanusOccurs when an NPC that was using a weapon that's model wasn't actually set to be a gun model is destroyed.
common.dll 9143 BC46Specified loadout for [MsnSolar] is not defined in loadouts.ini.


File Offset Found by Description
content.dll 490a5 FriendlyFireRelated to multiple players/ships suiciding at the same moment into a planet/death zone.
content.dll af690 adoxaINI_Reader constructor; problem with normal FLHook (uses 1024 bytes of data, but 5480 bytes are required; plugin version uses 8192).
content.dll 490a5 HeIIoweenformation errors, check faction_prop.ini formation values
content.dll c45a2 HeIIoweenEncounter related. Can be patched with 0C458F, 8B0482->33C090
content.dll 47bc4 Tiger_MURelated to NPCs and/or their chatter. Possibly bad encounter, missing formation from factionprop.ini
content.dll 5ccd4 HeIIoweenMissing/mistyped formation.
content.dll db0f1 Lord of the HellPatrol encounter attempted to spawn inside a population zone that wasn't a patrol path.
content.dll 9100f Lord of the HellPossible bad tradelane
content.dll 9566d Lord of the HellPossible bad tradelane
content.dll c465f NovaMixed non-patched and 1.1 patched files.
content.dll db0f1Cpt_Rei_FukaiOccurs when you try to spawn a patrol encounter inside of a population zone that is not a patrol path.
content.dll 55727Cpt_Rei_FukaiOccurs when an encounter is spawned that contains more permutation lines than formations
content.dll f7c2f RuppetthemuppetBad rmlootprops.ini entries.
content.dll c458fFriendlyFirePatrol encounter contains a faction that is not defined in the related base's BaseFaction entries.


File Offset Found by Description
server.dll 078d3 adoxacalled as part of pub::SpaceObj::Dock
server.dll 14990 adoxaalso part of docking, and others (it's a function to swap the sign of a vector)
server.dll 2c267 adoxaseems to be another part of docking, and others
server.dll 2c290 adoxaseems to be another part of docking, and others
server.dll 76fdfHeIIoweenRelated to loading a player. Possibly a corrupt character file.
server.dll 17f38 RuppetthemuppetRelated to a bad ship loadout. Occurs after Loadout::Get (presumably returning NULL), called when a ship is created


File Offset Found by Description
alchemy.dll 0701BGold_SearRare crash, occurs inconsistently when creating an instant jump fx
alchemy.dll 1f3a6Cpt_Rei_FukaiOccurs when the <pairs> of an effect use numbers that do not exist in the <fx> part of the effect.
dalib.dll 04353robocopMemory allocation failure (in CDPMsgList::Add). It's only asking for 12 bytes, so there must be some serious memory leakage going on.
Freelancer.exe 06100adoxaBad wireframe
Freelancer.exe 114764Gold_SearOccurs when a next_ring does not reference to a tradelane ring
Freelancer.exe 58000Cpt_Rei_FukaiOccurs when a player has got an item equipped that no longer exists, e. g. the weapon was deleted.
Freelancer.exe 54f08HeIIoweenPossible corrupted mbases.ini.
ntdll.dll 3ff05HeIIoweenIncompatible d3d8.dll wrapper/converter.
ntdll.dll 11689HeIIoweennot supported/equipable archetype in players char file.
ntdll.dll 101b3 Tiger_MURelated to NPCs and/or their chatter.
ntdll.dll 109d8JeiderReason: using inherit in ShieldGenerator
rendcomp.dll 11163 Lord of the Hellbad hash at <VMeshLibrary>

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