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Welcome to The Starport's Wiki! This place is a global repository of knowledge about Freelancer, whether technical, gameplay or modding related. Be sure to look around, you might be surprised to see what is in there! We also would love to have your contributions, so feel free to edit pages if you think you can contribute.


Beginner GuideMod DatabaseServer DatabaseTechnical Database


Getting Started

For tips on how to get started, be sure to read our Beginner Guide.


The Wiki contains a lot of information sorted under the following categories:

Tips & Tricks

For additional information, head over to the following pages:

Modding Resources

Getting Started

To get started in modding, the definite stop is the Modding Handbook.


To help proceed with modding, tutorials are second to none. Look at the following categories to get started:


The Modding Database is a tree of all Freelancer files in their standard location with explanation on what each file does and how they work.

Tips & Tricks

Modding tips are numerous, so head over to one of those pages to get started:


These are more advanced modding resources. You may need to refer to other tutorials and pages to understand them.


Getting Started

Getting started with Freelancer, especially online, can sometimes prove difficult. Be sure to follow these tutorials to get going the good way:


The Technical Database should offer plenty of advice on what kinds of issues you can encounter and how to resolve them, all in a handy list format.

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