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How to get Freelancer

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Freelancer is no longer being actively sold by Microsoft which has been resulting in the game getting harder and harder to aquire.

This article will help you to get your copy of Freelancer. If you are unsure about purchasing the full retail game, you can always try the demo version first. Download it here


Status of Freelancer

Since Microsoft has stopped actively selling Freelancer and any support regarding the game, it can be considered abandonware. You might get lucky to buy a hard copy of the game by following some of the links on this page, however in many countries it is almost impossible to get a legal copy of the game.

In this case, due to legal issues, we cannot really help you. We recommend you to search for other means to get a copy of the game, on your own risk.

A good starting point would be Google:

Places to buy Freelancer


  • Walmart - Only in stores, no shipping.


  • Amazon - Only used copies of the game, the price is also relatively high.

United Kingdom

  • - Only used copies of the game, the price is also relatively high.

Any Country

Try and

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