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Command Line Options

Here is a list of Freelancer's command line options. Options ignore case and start with either '+' or '-'; if it makes a difference, it's noted in brackets.

B - not sure, something to do with DirectX, possibly windowed mode only (+ sets 3, - sets 4 [default])

F - full screen mode (+ no, - yes [default])

G - god mode (single player only; same as setting "DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 0" in PerfOptions.ini)

Mwidth - sets resolution: 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480 (default), 512x384, 320x240

Pport - sets the port to use

Q - skip machine warnings (same as the option in PerfOptions.ini)

Sip:port - sets the server IP and port

W - windowed mode (same as +f)

X - FPU control (+ on, - off [default])

FLServer's options.

B[name] - log packet stats to file. Default name is FLServerBWLog-T.txt (in EXE), where T is a time stamp (number of seconds since 1/1/1970).

C - use the last configuration (no dialog)

Echar - unknown

Hrefresh - set the refresh rate (1-60, default 20; fractions allowed)

Lname - write the console log to file

Mlines - set the maximum lines (1-100000, default 100000); doesn't seem to have much of an effect

Pport - set the port

Slevel - set the degree (severity) of logging (1-7; default 4)

Ttrim - set the trim lines (1-(lines-1); default 200); doesn't seem to have much of an effect

X[+|-] - FPU control (+ on, - off [default])

Chat Commands

These commands are available in the chat window when playing multiplayer.

/echo message - writes message to your own display

/invite player - send an invite to player
/i player

/join player - join the group containing player (requires invitation)
/j player

/leave - leave the group

/universe message - send message to the universe (requires appropriate rights)
/u message

/system message - send message to the system
/s message

/local message - send a local message to every human player in scanner range (= in contact list)
/l message

/group message - send message to your group
/g message

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