Slammers 24/7 server running WTS V 4.16!

Date 2008/9/1 16:15:28 | Topic: The Starport archive

Slammer's 24/7 server is pleased to announce that we have received permission from the Crabtree Cooperation's Network to run version 4.16 of WTS World Mod! ... t/;9196285;/fileinfo.html

We would like to welcome you to try our server. More information and some start tips may be found on our server forums at: . You must use FL Mod Manager version 1.4 to run this mod. . If you do not see us on the server list, use FL Server Connector, aka Direct Connect:

After installing it, open it up then click on Edit server button. in the bottom put in server name, IP address and port in the proper columns, then click the Add server button:

Slammer's 24/7 2302

2302 being in the port column. Notice our IP address just recently was changed so make sure you have the IP address listed above. Then when you open FL Server connector, double click on the line that has our server listed, this program will then automatically open up the freelancer game. Click multi player, then LAN, and then you will see our server in the list.

Factions/Clans are welcome. Any Faction with 3 or more unique players will receive 600 million credits on one of their players characters to help build up. Factions are eligible to buy a system and have public and private forums on our forums board. We are running FL FLAC server command shell, which gives each character an online bank for more credit storage.

If you would like to play the latest most recent version of WTS World Mod, their forums are here:

Cya in space M8s!

Alois Hammer, aka (Hammer)

Chief Forums Admin

Slammer's 24/7, Server Admin,

IP: Port 2302

[email protected]


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