Update on Star Citizen Development

Date 2013/10/22 22:37:06 | Topic: Star Citizen News

I think the majority here follows the development of Star Citizen very closely, but I just wanted to highlight the latest developments so nobody misses out.

The crowdfunding campaign has reached more than 23 Million US Dollars - which means that the game is fully funded by the community.
They also released a new website and since August, the Hangar Module is available for download. In the hangar you can take a look at your purchased ships.

There is no concrete update on the modding aspect of the game. However, in recent presentations from Chris it has become clear that he did not forget about the modding and especially the private server aspect. We will most likely see those features very late in the development, probably not before 2015.

Check out the latest stuff at the official website! There is a lot to see.

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