SSM Mod Gets New Life!

Date 2013/6/11 21:33:17 | Topic: Freelancer Mod News

Do you fancy something different other then the normal Rp mod everyone plays??? Do you miss flying around in crazy mods with great ships?? Come and join us on the SSM Server

We have recently been given permission from the one and only Lancer_Sol to take his mod to the next level!

We have everything from StarTrek, BSG, SGC, Starwars to crazy stuff like the Tardis from Doctor Who!

Unique Level up system and some amazing flhooks with more to come!

Come and play with a Truly brilliant mod and team

Hope to see you all there!


113 New factions
143 Systems
546 Bases
355 ships
All gates unlocked
Many new commodities, quadruples the amount available
GPL based economy, you can have over $20,000,000,000,000,000 worth
All new graphics, icons, weapons & shields
Ship armor available for purchase
Scanners and tractor beams for sale
NPCs drop GPL, new commodities, engines and new power supplies
New high paying missions
Custom startup movie
Admin system, ship, thruster, weapons and shields
Cruise speed set to 1500
NPC cargo vessels heavily armored
All NPC and players ships rebalanced into 10 classes
All original ships upgraded to MOD standards
High speed tradelanes
New jumphole FX
Maximum credit limit increased to the game's maximum allowable amount - $2,147,483,647 (2.1 billion)
Most of the non-Freelancer ships were converted to Freelancer by our MOD team
New London, New Tokyo and New Berlin are full 3D systems with 40 to 50 bases in each

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