Official Roleplay guide and DX9 Updates

Date 2011/9/30 15:50:00 | Topic: Freelancer Coding News

All I can say it has been a heck of week in development. That's to do with a few factors, one mainly being I've been on vacation for a week from my residency program. Fortunately, this has allowed me to dedicate my time working on some of the models in the mod and getting them to use the full capabilities of the DX9 engine. As a result, I've been able to upgrade all 107 ships of our shiplist. To see that link, click here. About 85% of those ships have normal and specular mapping applied. The rest will be added at a later date when we upgrade the XWAUP ships we're currently using for the mod. For those of you that have missed some of the videos, here's two of my favourites:

Now that the ship models have been completed, I've focused my remaining vacation getting our stations up to par with our ship models. The list is only 30 models, however, the models themselves are more intricate because of the way they were designed. That being said, I've completed about 40% of the list in the past few days and hope to have the remainder done in another week or two. Here's some footage of that:

I've not been the only one hard at work this past week. Qi, a mod development lead, and website designer/creator/coder, has been working on improving the website where the official server will be hosted. He's currently working on putting the shiplist, including in-game screen shots, onto the website. This will allow players to look up the ships, their stats, images and where to buy them almost instantly. It's quite a great design and I cannot wait to see when it's fully completed. For those that want a preliminary look, please click this link here. (Note: the NR/GE starfighters are completed so please click those ships to see what the final result will look like as the rest are still pending)

Also, for those of you that are interested in following the day-to-day progress of the mod, I'd take a look at Qi's worklog for all his doings...he's going to be creating some wonderful things for the mod. Take a look at that link here.

Not only Qi has been working on the site, Darkforce, our RP lead writer/developer, has been putting the Official RP Guide, onto the website for ease of use of the players. Take a look at this preliminary work here.

Quite a week, I must say.

As always, any comments, suggestions or questions are welcomed!

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